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Friday, February 26, 2016

Further Proof Of the Existance of a Benevolent God

The greatest gifts are those you never thought to ask for! 
Early this morning, while on break at the warehouse I was poking about on the web, randomly having chosen to check and see what Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson (the two Gizmonic Institutes employees stranded on the Satellite of Love on  "Mystery Science Theatre 3000") had been up too lately.  Earlier yesterday, whilst having lunch, I poked about on you tube and discovered that some of the talent from the cult classic had gone on into other similar projects (movie riffing).  I was aware of Joel's hilarious troop of MST3K alumni doing "Cinematic Titanic" and Mike's work (with the gents who voiced Tom Servo and Crow) on the equally HILL-AIR-E-OS "Riff Trax" (oh...if you get a chance, You Tube their decimation of Twilight!  OH...My....GAWD!!!  Angi did NOT appreciate it, but I was in stiches!!) but as I was poking about the listings, I discovered they had also produced a similar Riffing premise under the guise of "the Film Crew".  This is what predicated me poking about later that evening to see if there was something else the S.O.L crew had done that I may have missed.
What I discovered was ALMOST as awe inspiring as a new season of Firefly, and WHOLLY unexpected!

Here's the rub!  At the tail end of last year Joel got back the rights to the show, and quickly set out on a "Kickstart" campaign to raise funds to produce another NEW four episodes, with a goal in mind of two million to do so.  What happened?  Well, in short, their fundraiser became the HIGHEST GROSSING FAN FUNDED FUND RAISER......OF ALL TIME!!!! (check out the Guinness Book Of World Records if you don't believe me!) Far surpassing their initial goal...they raised over SIX MILLION!!!  Seems I am NOT the only slightly askew "Mystey" out there!  In the end, they have slated FOURTEEN new episodes in total.  And MAN, have they already got some talent on board!  Not only the creative staff (although, sadly, aside from Joel helming the project, none of the original cast has signed on, yet...but I'm holding out hope they won't disappoint the fans) but guest stars such as Mark Hamill and Jerry Seinfeld are already on board!  Not to mention Patton Oswald playing the son of TV's Frank! this point some (most) of you are scratching your heads wondering what the heck I'm going on about, but really, if your curiosity has not been peaked by ALL the times I ramble on about this little slice of comedic history, and you haven't at least Googled MST3K once, must just not like laughing!  And I can't help you. 
Now, I'm not sure when or WHERE the new episodes will air...but I'll find out!
On to work!  Had several looky loo's, curiosity seekers and visitors come and see us.  Picked up a few new goodies, but regrettably, having spent my allotment for the day, had to pass up on two CHOICE rides!  ARRGH!  I'm kicking myself on THAT one!  Two barely road Giant hybrids...I was just tapped out and forgot the bank card at home!  Anyway...*sad face*...
One ride I HAD to pass on because the poor gent had his monetary expectations set, artificially, WAY to high!  I'll explain: He rode in on a, admittedly, sharp looking GT hybrid.  About twelve years old, it was in decent shape with newer tires and seat, but he was looking to get $125.00 Out of it.  I had to gently explain that we have had several of that particular bike in our history, and we only sell them for between $95.00 and $115.00.  He was visibly taken aback by this, and at first I though his look of consternation was breed by incredulity, but I came to find out, that having been down here on vacation, he had picked this up at another  bike shop (North of here...I ranted about this joint a few months back) and paid.....$250.00!?!?!   No JOKE!  He showed me the receipt!  I couldn't help myself when I blurted out that I was pretty sure that was more then they sold for new!  I asked him why he didn't just sell it back to them.  Turns out, they don't buy used bikes, they only take them in as trades. 
Well, I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I had hoped, a by product of visiting and wrenching rusty parts off the stubborn Kent road bike.  I have already replaced far more then I had anticipated, but it's cool!  It's a real cute smaller framed ride, so I aint complaining!  Ended up putting out only one new ride, but that's a pretty sharp looking ladies comfort cruiser complete with a WAY comfy Cloud 9 seat upgrade! 
But I promise, today is a full work day!  Gonna bang out some heavy newbies (he says with mock assurance!)
All right, best get at it!

ONLY $105.00!!!


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