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Monday, February 29, 2016


Yep...This is the kind of dedication you should expect from us at RE-CYCLE!! 
Here it is, our one day off and I am sitting in the shop waiting on a customer who NEEDS a bike for their ne job they start tomorrow.  They weren't able to get in yesterday, but gave us a ring desperate for a ride!  They have patronized us before, and in their words: "won't go anywhere else for a bike"!  Hey, with a tag line like that how could I say no!  SO, taking time off from the families one day together, here I sit...waiting.  Gent is coming three hours to grab a ride, so it's the least I could do! I do hope he hurries up though, as the boys and I have plans this evening!
Okay.  It's Monday now. The gent did make almost on time, and walked away with the Pure Fix Mixie we have had!!!  What's really great is, that this weekend we were fortunate enough to find homes for BOTH of the two rides that have been taking up semi-permanent residency here.  The Bickerton folding bike went with a gent intent on restoring it fully and making it a museum piece!  SWEET!!  Although, truth be told, I do hope he gives it some road time to show it off. 
Saturday was a humdinger of a hootenanny!  Honestly, it tested my undiagnosed brain freezes as I completely lost track of what left!  WOOF!!  That and all the wonderful folks bringing in repairs!  WOWZERS!   Those kept me hopping from open till about close.  What was really sad was coming in this morning, there were two left that hadn't been picked up, and for the life of me, I couldn't remember what work I did on them!  ARRGH!  I had to actually consult my list!  THAT'S how busy it got! 
We also picked up a couple goodies on trade too, and as soon as I clean up the mess from a busy bee day, I'll be jumping on them!  Got me lot's of holes to fill (insert giddy giggles here).
That evening, Angi and I took a bit of time to hit the store and get a few more trinkets for the party later this month, and I needed to grab a new pair of boots. The pair I bought less then a month ago all but died.  Probably the acetone from my other job, as the adhesive holding the soles on was all but dissolved!  Ugh.
So, later that evening as we sat and enjoyed the relative quite of the evening, I had the brainstorm of taking the boys out Sunday evening.  I've been trying to put aside time for spending with the kiddo's but it can be a bit of a challenge.  Not only the scarcity of time we DO have, but the fact that their ranges in age are, not to mention varied differences in tastes, make doing something ALL together, aint all that easy.  I opted to take the boys on a ride, meet up with Elijah and go see "Deadpool".
Only ONE slight miscalculation REALLY was an "R" rated movie!  Yea...a wee bit of "sudden" full frontal, that I should have seen coming, but didn't react quickly enough.  Logan, the shy one, averted his eyes, but Owen's eyes got REAL wide!  Other than that, though, the movie was HILAROUS!!!  Not to mention BRILLIANT!!  There is so many "in-jokes", fan faves, and cameos.  OK (SLIGHT SPOILER ALERTS)  speaking of cameos, a couple of the X-Men show up, one of them being Colossus!  Always a mutant fave of mine, I didn't think the original run of X-Men did him justice!  This one though?  PERFECT!  Not only was he the proper "hulking" size in transformation size but he spoke with the correct THICK Russian accent!  AND, a personal favorite style of film making, "breaking the fourth wall" was used to hysterical depths!  The fact that Deadpool's love interest was portrayed by Morena Baccarin (Inara from Firefly!) was an excellent bonus!  And the ending snippet?  OH MY GOD!!!  FREAKING FAN-TAB-U-LOUSLY FUNNY!!!  But the one thing that I really found exciting was the fact that this movie tied ALL the Marvel Franchises together in harmonious spoofing!  And THAT is quite a feat, as (and this get's confusing, so bear with me because I haven't even figured out "why") the rights to produce Marvel properties are split.  Marvel owns the Avengers, Sony owns Spiderman and Fox owns X-men (and all mutant films) but here, you see ALL of them!  Well, maybe not all the characters, but there are visual clues of the Avengers, such as a derelict S.H.I.E.L.D Hover carrier, not to mention a nod to "Sam Jackson" with an eye patch and leathers, The X-Men of course, not to mention SEVERAL mentions of Wolverine, a Spiderman spoof occurs in the closing credits, and there is even a line dedicated to "Blade" (although Ryan Reynolds refers deliberately to "Blade 2" which is kind of weird, as he played the part of Hannibal King in "Blade Trinity)  as well as a lampooning of not only his stint on "Green Lantern" but a joking reference to his ORIGINAL origins in X-Men Origins; Wolverine.  He even goes as far as to pan himself as an actor!  Oh, the list goes on and on!  Definitely a prominent one to buy as soon as it hits Blue Ray!
Well, I best get a move on, though, as the repairs are starting to flow in again!  Not to mention, I have a lot of other work to bang out!
See y'all soon!

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