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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Give Rogers and Hammerstein a big hug for me, K?

This one's primarily for the guys out there, as my sexist assumption is, the female folks out there may have already figured it out as there is no social repression keeping them from embracing the blissful, relaxing, and uplifting joy of this excercise.
Have you had a pissy day? Stress got you down?  Overloaded in the brain pan from work, or nerves frazzled like a piece of hemp in a wind tunnel?  Well...I have a sure fire solution to make all that sh....stuff melt away!!
First, shoo away all significant others and any possible resultant offspring from said union, take control of whatever audio playback equipment you currently use and pop in a healthy dose of....
Show Tunes!
Yea, you heard me right!  Tuck away the awkward testosterone, suck it up, and put on your best prancing shoes, get in touch with your fabulous flamboyant side and jam out to some uplifting diddys from movies or theater you'd never share with your judgemental poker buddies!  Such selections like Hairspray, Mama Mia, Grease, Pitch Perfect  will do fine.  For the older crew out there maybe Annie or Oklahoma will work.  I ain't kidding, guys.  Firmly grasp your sexuality, be secure in it and just treat yourselves to total and complete abandon, and in your best baritone....sing along so the neighbors begin to wonder if they ahould pitch in for a Rainbow Flag as a house warming gift! (As I type this I got Abba on my headphones, and I AM soooo Heterosexual!
See, it's been one of those weeks...the trouble with so many bodies in our house is the....drama they can bring...and that of THEIR choice of significant others.
Granted, Angi has the bulk of hands on suffering, but I get the aftermath, not to mention the concern for her having to cope with it and I just needed to drown it out. Pandora and a selection of Show tunes to the rescue!  All night I've had ear buds in, occasionally singing along to the curious glances of my coworkers.  Who cares, their questions regarding  my manliness be damned!
Trust me, it does the body good!
Today, put out two new goddies!!  A real sweet vintage Raleigh road bike festooned with new tread and a small frame Nishiki MTB.  check em out below! All the repairs caught up, and had the time to build!  YEA!
Ever have this happen?  Come into your house and find someone unfamiliar asleep on your couch?
Yeah...babysitter crahed here. I had no idea, and didn't recognize her. But...the good news is...with the return of the sitter, so too comes the return of Angi to the shop!  YAY!  Below, she poses with my second in command...Suzanne
Anywho...I soooo need a shower!
Hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. So plug those musicals into the DVD player, crank 'em up and let's have a dance party!

    1. Yee ha! (Tonight was blue grass night on the headphones)

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of The Time Warp...

    (It's just a jump to the left.)

  3.'s the pelvic THRUST that get's me!

  4. OOOOOOooooo- My favorite part!

    Someone (Fox?) is going to present that musical LIVE on TV next October. WOW.