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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weekly montage?

Miranda is going through her nocturnal phase.  It's 4 am and she is wide awake watching Sprout on TV.  Poor Angi hasn't slept in two days so I made her go to bed when I got home and I'm sitting here trying to ignore some really bad British animation that she seems to mean enjoy.  Just hoping she tuckers out soon!
Today was a busy morning and after banging out the repairs got a couple gems fully redone with a third almost done in the rack.  Put up a SWEET  BIG BOY GIANT and a like new Pepsi promotional bike to boot!  Lots of folks coming through the door, but sadly most were a day late and a dollar short.  The rides they saw on Craigslist and such already being snagged up!  Yep, it's that time of year again when the bikes we produce have a less than 24 hour shelf life so please, if you have a first!  We can't keep anything in stock!  Still have LOTS to go through and make ready, though, so pickings aint slim yet!  Keep the rides coming to those selling!
Ok,,,I know I'm missing sone kudos and thanks, perhaps I'll remember tomorrow. But fer now...I'm burnt.  I'll write more tomorrow.
This is sad!  Sitting here tonight going through and updating and came to realize I've begun three entries this past week and didn't finush one of them!  Ugh...there's burning the candle at both ends, then there's trying to ignite spent wax!
Actually...I think we're on cinders!
Today, after Angi and I only had about two hours sleep, we were open a few minutes late.  I had foolishly planned , in spite of loving busy time, to put my feet up on the desk snd have a brief siesta, but the phone starting to vibrate in my pocket on the way in, proving that thunk a fallacy.   No, I pulled up a fourth wind and hit it, finishing up the nice DBS I had in my rack, then getting right on repairs.  Thank Heavens for the new batch of MST3K DVDS to keep me entertained.  Got the full rebuild and three tunes done and done, then finished my day out processing the tear downs.  Got a couple sweet vintage parts bikes in the last batch, as we always like the odd ball stuff!  Then threw another Diamondback in my rack and tore it down in prep to rebuild for tomorrow.  Well that, and line up the new batch of repairs. Thanks to all the referrals we get every day, they are our lifeblood!
There was no slow down at the plant either, as a full checklist greeted me!  So, with a baby girl to move out of my spot and a much needed shower in my immediate future, I bid you a good night!
See ya soon!
Wow.  Okay, this is REALLY pathetic! I meant to edit and post this montage yesterday morning...but again, got busy and forgot!  SHEESH!  So, as I have been busting my nuggets trying to keep the stock up, I've got several to share.  Of course, the ones that sold?  Enh, why tease you?
Today, did a full workover on a SWEET Diamondback MTB. This was one of those sad cases where someone bought a gorgeous ride, but didn't use it. They just set it in the shed or whatever and let it go to rust.  Thankfully, the body was pristine, so well worth the effort!  I think I did another one too, but I'm gonna have to check. Yes, my mind has gone to pot!
At just what point did we become a nation of mewling, contemptuous overbearing, opinionated over protective parents that held tightly to the belief that our young must be kept as porcelain dolls while at the same time relinquishing ALL power to their tiny, immature hands?
Yea...that old chestnut!
So here's the skinny!  Whilst flipping through YouTube the other day in an odd moment of inactivity, I stumbled upon a clip about a little girl taking horse riding lessons, that hinted towards a determined youth.  Intrigued, i checked it out.  In the film, clearly shot by her mother, the girl of no more than nine apparently got a new four legged transport and was accllimating the beast to it's new role.  Either that, or the kiddo was a greeny, as during the course of the filming, the little girl got tossed several times.  The mother didn't stop filming, but instead, spoke words of staunch support.  And this little girl  kept getting back on, with no whining, determined to persevere.  Eventually, she was trotting comfortable about the paddock.  Growing up on a horse farm and in an equestrian family, i'd had my fair share of getting tossed.  It DON'T tickle!  BUT, like anything else worth doing, you take your lumps with pride.  I was very proud of that little girl AND her mom, for not being the tradirional wuss and stopping the whole thing before success.  Thing is, I went on to read the comments.  I shouldn't have done that!  Would have saved myself some righteous ire!  The MAJORITY of comments chastised the mother...VENEMOUSLY!
When...did we forget HOW we ALL learn, and more importantly...overcome adversity and achieve accomplishment?  This insesent impulse most parents seem to have to shrink wrap their kids and not let them venture forth to screw up and, at times, get hurt, is why we have so many twentysomethings living on their parents couches, playing freaking Nintendo instead of moving on with their lives. And then...the parents have the nerve to bitch?!  Thing is, Angi and I are NO better!  With so much pressure put on you by every institution and Nazi monitor, chastising you because at four in the afternoon, after playing outside for an hour....they're dirty?(no $#!+, Sherlock!) it's no wonder we laminate the seeds of our loins and don't look back!
Thing is...the little girl in this film is going to go on to excell at WHATEVER she chooses to do, simply because she doesn't understand and has not been pressured into following the linitations of "playing it safe" and has no reservations, or FEAR of getting hurt or failure.  More kids need to crash a bike, fall out of a tree , skin their shins, get bit by a dog or have their heart broken by their furst "true love" in order to toughen their hides and learn that a bright red burner is HOT!  The alternative is, every time life throws them a wicked curve ball straight to their head, we will be coddeling them in the fetal position, paying their bills and setting up an appointment with a hundred an hour therapist!
Okay, I'm done. Now...shower time!

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  1. I've said it before. Mistakes are the only thing we can truly call our own. And a wise man learns from others, a common man learns from his own, but the fool never learns.=)