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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hey! You Can't Park That Animal There!!

Oh my Heavens!  What a PURR-FECT day for riding!  WOOF!  Almost cloudless sky, perfect temp with the slightest breeze!  This is your weather on the nines, reporting!
Yesterday was awesome!  Thanks so much for all the folks who helped make it a success, and for the bevy of repairs in dire need of our gentle touch ( gentle as you can be with a five pound sledge hammer!  Yep...not kidding. That's what it took on one stubborn seat post!) and for finding new homes for a few of the rides!  Oh, and we got in even MORE goodies!  Oh I was happier than a swarm of maggots on fresh road kill!  Ick...that didn't sound good!  My apologies for putting you off your Post Toasties!  One of them was one of our faves! A gent came in with a SAH-WEET trade and knew EXACTLY what he was looking for.  Without hesitation, he snagged up the gorgeous Diamondback we'd just put out and presented us with a three day old Men's 26" cruiser (a BEAUT!) in trade!  Seems he wanted something with gears as the cruiser proved to be just a little too slow for him!  HEY!  No problem!  I'm sure we'll find a home for this gem!  And, that one made the fourth newbie we put out as well!  She joined the ranks along with a Honkin' BIG BOY Raleigh 7 speed Hybrid, a real sharp looking PRE-Wal-Mart Mongoose MTB, and a rare 24" ladies Jamis hybrid! 
And yesterday was also NOT without some early morning excitement!  Of the unfortunate kind!  And, in no small way, was somewhat spooky!  Due to my work schedule and Miranda now being of the nocturnal nature, neither Angi or I are getting much sleep.  The end result of this, is sometimes we are dragging in the morning, and subsequently, I'm late to open.  Yesterday was such a day as I didn't get here until almost 9:30.  As it turns out, a young gent had been here, first thing, interested in selling a bike.  After a few minuets of waiting, he opted to go down to the corner Quicki Mart and get a drink while he waited.  Unfortunately for them, he drove his truck to their end, rather than walk.  Apparently....he's been having transmission trouble.  As he pulled in, and put it in park, before he could shut it down, the thing slipped out of park and lurch forward!  Instant drive through!!

UGH!  We feel terrible for them, they are real nice folks, but there is that self serving little voice in the back of my head expelling a heavy sigh of relief that it could have been us!  Thankfully, and surprisingly, the frame work of their store front was completely salvageable, and they had it all put back together by late afternoon!  And, at no point did they actually close!  That's the Capitalist spirit! 
So, today, I have a plethora of repairs to pound out, then hopefully squeeze out a rebuild or two, as today I will be leaving a wee bit early.  Today is Angi and my 23rd anniversary and I have a special night planned for her!  We will be open until five though, as Logan will be up to help out!
So...I'm OFF ( all knew THAT, but I mean I gotta go!)

ONLY $160.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $125.00!!

NEW!!!! NEW!!!! NEW!!!!
ONLY $80.00!!!

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