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Friday, February 19, 2016

"What's He Doing With That Thing?

So...okay.  Don't know if I can write this off as being tired or because I got a couple new box sets of MST3K DVDS, and I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing as one eye was watching Mike and the bots riff on a real cheesy "werewolf" flick starring a low rent Sheen/Estivez brother and a bargain basement Andy Garcia look alike, but whichever....I'm just glad I caught THIS flub before I took the gorgeous Diamondback hybrid MTB I was refurbing all the way to finish. Although, truth be told, I probably would have figured it out when I went to run the cables!

No, folks!  Can't blame alcohol or temporary insanity, just pure stupidly on my part.  Yes, I did fix it, reluctantly, as it set me back a few minutes.  Ugh!
Well, today was fun, anyway.  Finally found the right ride for a special gent who had visited us several times looking for a while.  We got him and his pug nose pooch all set up with bike and buggy so they can cruise the beaches in style!
No, I didn't build anything new, sadly.  Well, not so sad, had several repairs to finish up, and thanks SO MUCH for your continued trust AND referrals! Let's not forget THOSE blessings!  Then, with Logan relieving me, I snuck in the back room and took a nap.  It's been a LONG week, and as the song goes; "Running on empty "!  It helped a wee bit getting through the night shift.  I have so much to do this weekend in getting out newbies, I needed the shut eye!
And boy howdy, I hope the repairs pick up tomorrow, it is literally standing room only up in this joint!
Plus, been wanting to put Logan on a mixie, as he hates gears, and had a perfect candidate donated yesterday.  I want to get it up and running for next week!
On the homefront, Angi's efforts on the BIRTHDAY BASH for March is in full gear.  See, she wants desperately to make it up to the kiddos for last year.  It was such a bummer of a time, everyone's birthday had to be skipped, but she's making it up BIG TIME!  I have little to do with it as parties ain't my shtick.  I wouldn't know where to start.
On to the boys.  Kaleb seems to be getting it together.  Having secured lodgings, albeit temporary, he also has a job he seems to like and does well.  We'll cross our fingers and pray.  Elijah, moves in to his new digs this weekend, again, albeit temporary, as he and his brother are in negotiations to get a permanent place together.
That should be interesting.  I do hope them the best!
And, I gotta brag.  Logan, recently, got interested in magic tricks.  Now, I  pride myself into figuring out how these things are done, and calling them out (yea, I'm THAT guy) and was able to debunk a couple, but he's got a few he executes FLAWLESSLY that for the life of me, I have NO idea how he does them!  Color me impressed!  This boy has got his $#!+ together!
Alright, I  best end here and get some shut eye!
Talk at ya soon!

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