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Thursday, February 25, 2016

God Bless the Beast and the Children (after all...they're one and the same!)

Yesterday was a weird day, yet again!  First, winter did a loop-de-loop and swung back around, hitting us with a dip in temps.  Not to mention, the harbinger of returning winter, rain, hit early in the day causing Florida folks to hibernate.  It goes with out saying (that's a weird statement, don't you think?  I mean, people say "It goes without saying"...but then they say it!)  visitations were at a minimum.  We had one gent come in and grab his repairs, and a couple looky loos (more to get warm and dry than anything else) but other than that, nuttin'!  Ah well, gave me time to bang out some more goodies!  Than, about mid afternoon...ever get that feeling that you know you're about to get sick?  I don't mean "Hey!  I get to see what happens to my lunch, mid-digestion" no, I'm talking about the sudden realization that some sort of "Ick" is about to over take your body.  Yea...within short order, started feeling the "malaise" of nasty.  I tried to ignore it, and just keep plugging, but by around one PM I knew, there weren't no going to the night job....and surviving!  So, after a few phone calls, tracking the right people down, I finished out the day here, than headed home.  At that point, the eerie delirium started setting in, and before I knew it, didn't know what I ate for dinner, whether or not I took a shower or how, in fact I ever made it to bed, or fell asleep!
The only vague memories I have was a REAL heated (not BAD heated, just REALLY intensely opinionated) discussion with Angela regarding government, humanity and "Anonymous".  Yea, our stances on these institutions and groups "askew" at certain points.  Hey...makes for some thoroughly vibrant conversations!
That, and at some point in the evening, apparently my snoring was interfering with Miranda's TV time in Mom and Dad's room, so I got punched!
We were also paid a visit by Kaleb.  I gotta say, I'm "optimistically, reservedly" proud of the boy.  Angi was right, after all, "tough love" was going to be the only thing to get this boy to get his $#!+ together. Here's the irony though, Kaleb had his "teenage" bout with "mood altering substances" which he has, seemingly, effectively walked away from.  So where should he find a job?
A pharmaceutical company! BWA-HA-HA!!!
The real kicker is, after Elijah left the nest a couple weeks back, the two of them, in conjunction with another young man, are going to be renting a trailer together, apparently this weekend.
No, I'm not puttin' in the Kibosh on this arrangement...but it's going to be INTERESTING!!
Oh...there are going to be some "sticking" points.  I won't doom the whole thing, and have tongue firmly clenched between teeth.  BUT...when they BOTH have stated that there are going to be "RULES"....and those "rules" don't seem to be the same....
oh boy.
Not to mention Elijah's statement that he was the "eldest"?  Heh...
I wonder just how long it will be before Angi or I will have to become mediators.
Then again, they could just surprise us.  Heaven knows, they haven't failed to do that over the last couple months!
Thing is...I am really looking forward to be able to go to THEIR home and visit.
First....I'm gonna eat their food without asking, use their toilet and not flush, change the TV channel and sit on their couch with my dirty shoes propped up! 
....well, not much anyway!
As I was saying, put out three newbies yesterday.  A full rebuild on a 24" Diamondback MTB (and just why I put that much effort and work into it I have NO clue!) A sharp looking Schwinn 7 speed hybrid commuter, and another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  Check them out below! 
Today, I have that old Kent road bike I'm going to redo, than start trying to weed through ALL the stuff out back!'s getting REALLY full out there, to the point of not being able to walk around the rows!  So, before I get complaints from the neighbors, I best start stripping!
(heh...if I really went out back "stripping" I would DEFINATELY get complaints from the neighbors!)
NOW, back to work!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $40.00!!!


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