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Saturday, January 30, 2016

To Quote Peter Tork "Do I Have To Do This All Over Again!?

Good freakin rainy morning folks!  All I can hope is, by the time y'all wake up this cra....condensation is over with!
Speaking of "when it pours"....oy.
Seems Owen is off to a great start at carrying the baton of "bad choices" that was left in a vacuum when Kaleb left....
SOOOOO....yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave the house, after dropping the girls off from school,  I opened the door to leave, and was met by two uniformed police.
Actually, both Angi and I were met, as she was already on the porch talking to them.  Now....THIS puses the boundaries of "misuse of tax payers money"!
Going back a day or two in our story, there was an "incident" at the kids church "lock in" this past weekend.   I won't get into specifics, but apparently the altercation between Owen and another boy ruffled some feathers there, but instead if even MENTIONING it to us, they reported it to his school?
The deputy there (knowing our family name in association with Kaleb....thank you so much!) Called Owen into his office, chastised him, then called us,...and couldn't apparently reach us...don't know WHY as we always have a phone on at all times!  Then, not catching us...called the police to come let us know he was trying to get in touch?
Seriously....what the HECK happened to schools serving up discipline then sending a note to sign, home?  I mean, yea, keep us in the loop, but when they're there....isn't that part of the bloody job?  I mean, all this poduction for young boys doing stupid stuff!?  That's a prerequisite for young malehood! If you dedicate THAT many resources when a boy does sonething stupid?  Well....there goes the Federal, state, and county budgets right there!  Forget Welfare, healthcare reform and the military....young boys are misbehaving!
Florida is SOOOOO like a donkey equipped with reverse...
Oh...don't get me started!
Our brilliant plan of home daycare is in the hands of a young lady who apparently has come down with the plauge as she has been sick all last week, and the first two days THIS week, so things have been...strained.  Logan and Elijah are picking up the afternoon as I have to shuffle off.  But I'm there in the AM....OK, I may have dozed off a couple times, bur it's the spirit that counts!
Nah..SERIOUSLY...I've gotten a lot done, but mainly keeping up with repairs.  Lots of good folk wanting desperately to ride!  Good on ya mates!  Also, put out some real gems last couple days, so check them out below!
Aside from that, kept busy!  SHUDDER!
Tonight at work..had a...mishap.  oh yea...I'm gonna hear about it tomorrow..for SURE!  I was bringing in the machines and musjudged distance with the forklift... see whats coming..
Yea...skewered one of them!  Oy!  The floor was wet from run off, couldn't stop in time! was ONLY a removable side panel, but i know I'm getting reamed tomorrow.
I'll take over for me...and I'll do your legacy!
Any takers?
Wow!  Got real quiet all of a sudden!
Best getta I was too tired to take one last night!
See Y'ALL soon!

And that entry was from Wednesday morning, but never got spell checked as we have all been just too busy.  Busy is good...when it pays the bills....enh, not so much that kind of busy!  More like, putting out fires!  Such is life for so many of us, I'm sure.
Today is Saturday and just shutting down for the day, and off to the house to help finish the weekend cleaning chores, so all we have to do tomorrow is chill!  Put out three more today, after a few repairs so give 'em an ogling, and we'll see ya on the 'morrow!
OH, and oddly enough....I never got reamed about the forklift thing?  Nah...they never even mentioned it.  I actually asked them if it was a problem making the new plate, and they just smiled and said no problem.   Weird! 


  1. Mistakes are the one thing you can truly call your own. It is a wise man who can learn from others, a common man who can learn from his own, but the fool, well...he never learns. Sounds like your employer knows which category you fall into. Ride on.=)