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Friday, February 5, 2016


Ah....the hilarious hijinks and jocularity of a slapstick romp with Moe, Larry and Curly as you are curled up on the couch stuck inside on a Sunday afternoon.  Adjusting the old rabbit ears to get a better UHF signal as you strain your eyes at the small screen, studying every grainy black and white altercation between the three angry clowns.
Well, I'm hear to tell you, for all the times I chuckled at Curly getting a crow bar across the head or jaw, I really had NO appreciation for just how much that kind of contact hurts....
until last night!
My teeth STILL ache!
Had a slight mishap with one of the bay doors and while trying to reset a roller had to pry open the track to slip it back in.  Well, what does one pry with?  Yes!  Good Class!  Gold Star!  A CROW BAR!!!
SAFETY TIP!!!  Don't put your face close to a crow bar when operating!
Imagine a classic Adam West Batman sound effect balloon...
That, coupled with the sudden realization that solid steel and soft tissue are NOT good bed fellows! 
At that point I just finished the door, cleaned up the blood and sat out the remaining half hour, too embarrassed to interact.
Kind of imagined I was set in the corner wearing a dunce cap. 
Yes, pretty much tried to write off all of yesterday as never happening!  Of course, the weather didn't help anyone's disposition.  Went from overcast, to cold with an increasing wind chill, of course the worst of it fired up when I left to get the girls, so Suzanne and I were drowned rats by the time we made it to their school.  Thankfully one of our friends that works there offered to drive the girls home. 
It goes without saying that nary a visitor came by the shop yesterday as they were smart enough to stay home!  Sadly, I didn't get much done at all, as it time.  Spent the better part of the morning on and off the phone and computer just trying to pay the bill.  Why there has to be SO much red tape just to pay a simple bill is beyond me!
SO....yea...I'm working hard at trying to make today a better day!
I'm gonna do that by popping in some mindless comedy (wish I had a copy of the Three Stooges movie that came out a few years back!) and build some bikes!  Got a plethora to choose from, and am starting with finishing up the ladies MTB that sat out yesterday in my rack, then perhaps, on to a BANGER road bike.  A little heavier than the standard ride, but a good starter for someone. 
SO, taking my "liquid diet only" face, I'm gonna git to work!
COME ON!  It maybe cold, but it's sunny!  Come pay us a visit!

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