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Thursday, February 11, 2016


GOLLY BOB HOWDY!!! Today was ah humdinger of a hootanany!
I don't know who opened the flood gates but THANK YOU!!!  Not only did we send two too new homes (the Raleigh road bike didn't make it past 9.30 AM!) BUT we got TWO trailers in of fresh goodies!! Oh, I am happier then a puppy with two peters and his own private room!  All are rough but some have LOT'S of potential!  Amongst them, a couple classic pre-Wal-Mart Schwinn MTB's, a BIG BOY Giant, and a sweet , classic Peugeout touring bike! NIIIIIIICE!  On top of the thirty we snagged today, got another twenty to look at tomorrow!! Oh, we are goimg to be FULL very soon!
To that end, in anticipation of a VERY busy day tomorrow, and in recovery for today, I took off from the plant a couple hours early, once my "honey-do" list was done.  I don't do it that often, but I'm running on two hours sleep and I need some go go juice for the 'morrow !  Gotta give a shout out to Vic, a visiting Veloist to our shore, down for Snowbirding.  Seems he didn't pack his ride on the trip South, deciding he'd just rent once he got down here.  Unfortunately...he didn't do his homework.  Once he visited a couple other shops, then had EMS restart his heart after hearing what they charge for bike rentals, he'd all but given up on the dream of seeing florida from two wheels when  a neighbor friend told him about us.  We are VERY popular in the retirement  communities around here, and are forever getting HAPPY referrals from them.  His dream was saved!  Upon hearing our Sweet Vacation plan he couldn't help but ponder aloud "why doesn't anyone else give that deal!  'Cause we're SPECIAL!  And I got the short yellow bus pass to prove it!  He snagged the Diamondback, greedily upon seeing the way low price on it, commenting on how much he LOVED our place!  Sooooo basking in that glory, dude, THANKS!  Course, we saw Norman for his bi-weekly tube change!  Key Man rides....a LOT, and has an ongoing battle with sand spurs!
Yea, I gotta pump out some (oh SAH-WEET!  The original Beverly Hillbillies  theme song just came over my Pandora!) major metal this weekend as NEXT weekend Angi and I are taking a small vacation!  We never had a honeymoon, so we're taking 24 hours to  we have SOOOOOO earned it!  All we gotta do is chain up the kids, throw in some water and baking soda for smells and we're good to go!
Don't need baking soda!  Putting down newspaper is cheaper!
But seriously, we got it covered...Suzanne is gonna take care of 'em.
She's way to smart to accept that chore.
Ok...I'll stop.
So, tomorrow first thing I tackle the pile, so best get some rest!
See Y'ALL soon!

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