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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thank You For The Wonderful Tea Party, Mrs Nesbitt!

Let's all do the WHIZ-BANG-WATUSI!! 
Yesterday was....

Considering it started out to be quite quiet, and by lunch time, we had not seen a soul.  Owen and I ate our lunch and I was ready for a nap, BIG TIME!  No sooner had I lain my head on the table thinking I could steal a wink or two (in a vain attempt to recover from the previous week) did the first of MANY fine folks start crossing our threshold!  And I am SOOOOO not complaining!! 
I lost count at some point, but not only did we sell out of all but one of the adult bikes we had in stock (I stopped counting the Pure Fix we have, as the poor thing is a grandfather now, having sat in the line up for over six months!) but we also sold two out of pre-production to a very excited couple, down on Snow Bird time, quite thrilled to find out about our "Vacation Plan".  They've been looking to take advantage of the Trails, but not to keen on the prices they've seen elsewhere.  And you could have knocked the over with  feather when they learned about the warranty!
As always, gotta give a big THANK YOU to all the folks for their continued trust in regards to repairs! 
Not to mention having a couple Ten Minute rules! 
Again, I felt bad for one couple.  They've been looking for a set of rides for a while, and were in the day before.  He liked the Diamondback Outlook we had, but we didn't have anything for her.  I gave the standard cautionary tale about how unlikely it is around here for a couple or family to find bikes for both (or all) of them at the same time.  It's always best, if you see something one of you likes, to snag it up and come back in again for the other(s).  But, he seemed to feel a little self conscious about being the only one to walk away with a ride, so he opted to wait until yesterday to check on the Miyata I was working on, for her.  Well, I finished the Miyata, but sold the Diamondback to a casual gent (whom brought us a BONUS I'll mention in a second) looking to just cruise about on "something cheap".  Well, no sooner had he snagged it up, but left it behind briefly while he went home to drop of his car and walk band snag it, did the other couple come back in planning on snagging it.  Weird thing was, even though she liked the Miyata, they didn't grab that one either as now SHE seemed concerned about the only to walk away with a ride! 
Well, in defiance of the stead fast reality that most couples don't find a ride together, one returning set of Looky Loo's came back in to snag up both the "LIKE NEW" 24" and the awesome Jamis Hybrid.  They were clearly serious about getting rides from us, as after the first couple times o perusing our wares over the last couple of weeks, they went out to U-Haul and had a tow hitch and bike rack installed on their car in anticipation of driving off with a couple of gems as soon as we put 'em out!
On too the BONUS ROUND!!  We had an anonymous gent stride in, mid-afternoon, and present us with a classic Raleigh Road Bike with the proclamation "Here's your next project", gratis!  SAH-WEET!!!  And the previous allusion to the kind benefactor who bought the Diamond Back?  He brought us in a Trek "Double Track" racing tandem!!! HOLY SPIT!!!!  This thing is GAH-OR-GE-OUS!!! Just some minor surface rust on the pedals (Shimano Clip Less 105's?!!  These things are like $280.00 a SET!!!) and needing a few spokes replaced!  And YES!  FAH-REEEEEEE!!!!!!  WOZERS, PENNY!!! 
Without pause, that pretty thing went RIGHT into the rack!  And MAN, is it LIGHT!!  Someone is going to get one HECK of a sweet deal on this rarity!!
Well, after the day I was jazzed up, and Angi and I had made plans to visit Wal-Mart, in desperate need of new sheets for our bed (last load of laundry came with the addition of a handful of crayons...yea, our bedding now looked like a Jackson Pollock canvas!)  but I declared a side trip to our favorite Sushi Joint, Tom Yum Thai, 104 Patricia Ave, Dunedin.  We got there about 20 minutes to close, and even though we noticed they were, briefly, a tad bit dismayed their Friday plans may be set back a little bit, they gave us the same courteous service as always.  Now, Angi, being a true connoisseur of Sushi, always knows what to order, but I usually have my staples.  This time, however, I put my taste buds in her capable hands, and she did all the ordering.  I was NOT disappointed!  Once they presented the dishes, I was awestruck!  This had to be the first time I have ever delayed digging in to make a point of gratefully thanking the master chef for his efforts.  Each roll was FLAWLESS!  Out of respect for their evenings, however, we stopped short of devouring each succulent morsel, and took a good portion home, so as to let them get on with their lives.  Oh but it was SPECTACULAR! 
OKAY, enough jawin' from me!  I gotta git these repairs done and move on to the repairs!
Talk ta ya soon! 

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