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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Middle of the week wrap up! 
It's been a blustery blur so far, and I completely lost track of the days!  Realizing this morning I hadn't even had time to post the few newbies I had enough time eked out to allow me to build them.  Well, as it turns out, was needless anyway, as they didn't stick around long enough anywho!  For the most part it has been repairs, repairs and for good measure...repairs all week long!  Thank you SOOOO much to all the wonderful folks and their faith, trust and most importantly REFERALS!!  Heh, Heh!  I'm blessed, in the fact that at just the right moment someone comes in to compliment us on our efforts!  Thank you for fueling a Leo's ego!  "EGO MY LEO!" 
SO, no...I don't have anything new to show (and I best remember to edit the "What's Still Here" listings!) as yesterday was spent primarily weeding through the stuff out back.  Yea, it's to the point now that there is NO getting past the pile in the back.  Surprisingly, no one in the plaza has complained yet...but I KNOW they will!  Most of today will probably be spent working on that, but I do have a couple lined up I'd LIKE to get to if time allows!
No worries though, we still have some gems left looking for new homes.
On the home front...
Kaleb had a minor set back, the place he was working for (through a temp agency) filled their quota apparently, and no longer had use for temps.  SOOOOO, he showed up at our doorstep a couple days ago, having lost his living arrangements. *sigh*.  To my surprise, Angi took him back in, I think for the reason that, to his credit, he hit the "Internet Bricks" and started looking for another job right away.  AND, for the time being, he has been very respectful and helpful, so perhaps humility has settled in.
Time will tell.
Miranda has been testing Mama's stamina, quite a bit to be precise.  Her nocturnal schedual has persisted, and even though Angi gets her up each morning with the other kiddos, and limits her nap time, she STILL won't go to bed much before 2 am.   Next week she starts school, so fingers crossed that will help!
OKAY, now, I gotta jump!  New batches of repairs starting to come in so I gotta get to work!
See y'all soon!

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