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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It's Tuesday morning and I swear, I'm still full from thanksgiving!
Ok, well maybe not totally!  Sunday night, in preparation for Angi's birthday on Monday (which I had to work)  I made her a special dinner of Spanish chicken.'s a tip; go easy on those little orange peppers and the cilantro!  Poor Angi bit into one of those little suckers and it was three alarm!  Needless to say, Elijah and I had leftovers for work!  I feel bad that it wasn't the dish i had planned.
Angi and Elijah did a busy day on Sunday sending three rides to new homes, compelling me to get in there today and build more!  Well...I  was compelled, but unfortunately in the wee hours of Monday morning, my wounded ear started to drain, and I was up most of the night in pain with a fever.  Angi stepped up, on her day, and filled in fir me while I tried to rest.
Our house is not conducive to sleep once kuddos are up, so instead I paid her a birthday visit a little later with cupcakes.
Turns out, mist of the day wad relatively quiet, unfortunately, but at least she had plenty of TV to watch.  She's now into the show, Hannibal, and devouring it quickly.
Tommorow though!  Picked up some goodies Sunday and today. So i've got plenty to choose from!
Allrighty, best get a shower and sime sleep!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. She's devouring Hannibal.