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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coming Of Age this is a wee bit more like Christmas!  Had to actually put on a couple hoodies this morning!  But, we'll have to enjoy it while we can as it's supposed to be back in the eighties next week!  Yea, in Florida, the only kind of "white" christmas's" we have are in affluent, gated communities! (...think about it...)
Yesterday was my now traditional semi-slack off day.  Pooped from the week, i come in, in the AM and struggle to get motivated.  A struggle I usually fail at, and end up sipping a lot of coffee and play Panda Pop.  Well, the battle was won this time by a string of repairs I needed to get done.  I'll be honest, it's been somewhat of a juggling act lately for Angi and I.  With all the issues we've had trying to rely on help from the boys...enh...we've come to the conclusion that we need to be soley in charge of both the house and shop.  This has, of course, led to some changes and interuptions in what we can and cannot do, so everything is "evolving". Last week, we've had to close the shop for a couple hours mid afternoon, so as I can get the girls from school, go to work, then Angi hangs with them until Elijah gets home, than comes back for the last couple of hours.
On the subject of Elijah ; the boy has come leaps and bounds from where his mind set had been.  He has finally discovered the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from a hard days work.  Now, he awakes each morning at five AM, eagerly heading to work.  An amazing feat for a man who less than two months ago had to be physically dragged from bed at noon time!  I have to admit, I'm VERY  proud of him!  He's been there less than two months and is not only already learning welding, but knows more about the way things work around there than I do!  I have found myself on more than one occasion seeking advice from him in regards on how to do something I was unfamiliar with.  Oh, he still has his picadillos about saving money, more inclined to spend what he has, but at least he pays his rent first.  However, he does seem a bit more receptive to advice than before.  Yes, he's definitely becoming more the man we always knew was lurking under that "dark Emo, Death Metal Guy" image he sought to portray.
Next week, we are going to have to shift things around a bit more.  I need to be here more, and we have to NOT be closing down mid afternoon, so for the time being, going to be more of a magic act than a simple juggling one!
It's going to be interesting!
Managed to get out a couple of gems!  A real sharp looking Giant Iguana, and a real sweet, lugged frame Raleigh road bike, priced to sell, folks!  On top of that, this morning we picked up two really nice Trek MTB'S, i will be prepping toot sweet!  His and hers (but men's fra.m. and e) and they too will be priced nice!  We have several more goodies to bang on, as the back is getting MIGHTY full!
As my now traditional Friday is done (where I get home at 6.30, have a shower, than pass out for the evening!)  I am well rested and eager to crank a wrench!
Hope to see y'all soon!


  1. Crossed paths with your Number Two Son in the mall the other day. We sat and had a chat. Fascinating fellow, that one.

    1. Oh boy...that must have been...interesting. you'll have to relay the topic of discussion to me...privately!