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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oh....this took me back....

Today was a humdinger!!
Sure, we had little to nothing to show fir available goodies, but what a FLOOD of repairs!!  WOOF!  My fave had to be the sweet lady who came in to inquire about a tune up.  Seems she tried a couple other joints, leaving one if her four bikes at one, but came away scratching her head thinking maybe $70.00 was a wee bit expensive for a tune up. is!
Not to mention, the salesman posing as a mechanic trief to convince her to dump her classic Iron Horse's in lieu of buying NEW bikes from them!
Yea...that old chestnut!
The old "your bikes run down but we'd be MORE then happy to help you out and sell you THIS new ride for a bajillion dollars!!"
PLEASE don't fall for that shtick!
Once I told her that a classic Iron Horse was worth the effort, she was relieved to hear, and ferried them bith in for an assessment.  Turns out, they really need nothing more than an upgrade on tires!  Get rid of the meaty mountain tread in favor of a road friendly one, perfect for Florida.  Last thing she said was, she hopef she could retrieve the other bike before they did anything and bring it to us!
Saw some returning faces, and several new ones in on referral.  Oh...just like the good old days!  Now...I  just gotta get it all done!
Tomorrow is usually my house day, but with that full bay haunting me...gotta git un fir a bit and at least do a supply run!  Time allowing, I'll get some if the quickies done.
Put out one nice looking 24" Schwinn Ranger, and all but finished a real aharp looking ladies Trek hybrid.  Couple small things and shes done.
Soooo, i'd best be getting some shut eye!
Hope to see y'all right soon!

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  1. Short of catastrophic frame damage, there's not much that can really "ruin" a bike. All parts can be replaced. Frames can be mended if the damage it light. As of this coming Friday, I've got rideable bikes going back 120 years. I've had frames re-welded and they ride just fine. I've got bikes with ZERO original parts, and they ride just fine, too!

    Never give up, never surrender (your bike).