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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The older men get...the less of a butt they have!

Well...we were dancing the Happy Pants Dance in gusto today, ad after six months the lights were finally back on!  Yay!  Yes, it has truly been a rough year!  But indomitable spirit kept us plugging and enduring the weather to keep the doors open.  So do not want to give up the dream!  I ended up going in anyway, today, as some repairs came in that needed immediate attention , and ended up helping Angi clean.  Once the shop was lit up again, it was clear it needed some serious scrubbing!  Darkness hides dirt...remember that!
So surreal being able to see all my tools and have MST3K humming in the background!  Now, tomorrow, I can hit all the projecys with gusto ad we have our power tools up and running! WAHOO!
Gonna start with the GT I think, than from thete?  Well we have a plethora to choose from.  And if the lights were not enough, we also got another cell phone today as well!  Now Angi can reach me anytime with shop queries and I get to listen to my OWN music at the plant!  Turned a few curious heads when I was listening to the Puppini Sisters, I'll tell you what!
Well, tried to sleep in this morning, but no dice.  Kiddos were NOT having it!  Ah...vacation.  Thought I was covered, but the little girls were far to intrigued with messing with a half asleep Daddy, but...they're I let them live.  The end result being I was a tad bit clumsy at work, at one point shoving a large sliver of wood under my thumb nail!  Ouch!  No wonder that's such an effective form of torture!  SHEESH!  I was confessing to the Paris bombongs while trying to pry it loose!  And ot didn't stop there, i wad fumbling all night, at one point,jumping on the firklift, I missed the seat ENTIRELY landing on the metal plate, right on my butt bone!
Anyone got an inflatable donut?
Well, I'll get some rest tonight so I don't screw anything up at the shop tomorrow!
So...with that, a good morning folks...see ya in a few hours!


  1. Hoping to slide by today, weather permitting, and check out the bright shop!

  2. And slide I did, yesterday. Today not so much.

    My rule is to try to ride ten miles a day. The fine print states that if I ride twenty (as I did yesterday on Watson the trike), I'm taking the next day off. And that would be today. So there.

    Now if I don't see you betwixt then and again, Steven, I hope you and all of Clan Atherton have a very merry Christmas!

  3. And a merry post dated Christmas to you sir!