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Thursday, December 10, 2015

matriarchal wisdom

Ah!  The wisdom of a woman!  Wendsday, after sleeping in far too long, i jetted to the shop to see if there was any work to be done, but as all was quite, Angi and I sat and chatted. After a while a couple came in with a 20" Mongoose they were looking to sell, and even though it was really clean, with cash tight, i couldn't see spending the dough.  Angi chimed in, handed the gent the asking price, and I was convinced they'd be eating Ramen again.  Well, as it turned out, convinced we'd be sitting on ANOTHER  kids bike, i duitifully shut my mouth, and sucked it up.
This morning, two sweet ladies came in, and announced EXACTLY what they wanted ;"a 20" Mongoose BMX, very clean...but CHEAP!
Heh, heh..
YEP!  We got ALL that!
They were THRILLED we had such a sharp looking ride for less than half what it sold for less then a year ago!
Mammas always right!
We also sent the cool KHS home to ornament some lucky young
ladies tree.  She's gonna be thrilled.
 Beyond that?  A couple small tweaks, but other than that?
Hoping for a bang up day tomorrow.
I'll be sleeping in of course, as it's
it's Angi's morning tomorrow.  And I  NEED some sleep!
Feels like it's been days since I hit the sheets !
Speaking of which...
I'm off quicker than a prom dress!

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  1. The First Rule:

    Never, EVER, argue with a woman.

    The Second Rule:

    Never forget Rule One.