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Friday, December 11, 2015

no, it's not McDonald''s just me!

Oh...the end of one work week!
This week at the plant is over, thankfully. No, it's not that I dislike my job, but this close to the holiday work slows down, so my overseer is scrambling to find things for me to do.  Working on a nasty recon, and came home smelling like a greasr trap after getting backwash of decade old stagnant water blown on me pulling the pipes!
Not to mention spending an hour trying to wrench free rusty bolts while on my back under the smelly thing.
 I bit@$ because I care!
Now it's on to my shop time!
Yay!  Got the weekend to bang out newbies and finish repairs!  Angi says they're pilling up, and I swung in briefly today to check it out (and have lunch as I forgot to eat yesterday!) and while I was there we got a visitor from up North recently retired to Florida, come in for a tune up and some mild repairs.  What a lovely compliment she gave us when she said all folks in her retirement community answered her inquiry as to where to go with repairs with the simple name, Re-Cycle.  Thanks for the kudos folks!  We'll take care of her!
Angi sent one ride to a new home today, and picked up some trades to boot!  She picked up a sweet ladies Giant hybrid that's gonna be FINE when I'm done with it!
Also got in a slew of semi complete rides on donation, some good names too, just gotta see what's salvageable tomorrow.
Okey dokey, now, i gotta scrub this bio-diesel off me and rest up for tomorrow.
See y'all soon!

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