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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

hey...pass that over here!

All the benefits of amphetamines, without actually taking any drugs!
This is the benefit of an overabundant check list!  Not quite sure what came over me tonight, but when I got to the plant, my overseer handed me a chock full checklist, and as is the custom, it's a list of what they need done for my shift AND theirs (they got tired of hearing me whibe about not having enough to do)  the understanding that they don't expect me to get it all done, but it shuts me up.  Tonight...I took it as a challenge!  By the end of the night I had built ALL the palets and sides for the WEEK and finished ALL the ships And all the machines for tommorows inspection!  Yes...I'm bragging, bit I just wish I could see the looks on their faces in the AM when they realize they have nothing to do! Hee, hee!
Perhaps it was not eating all day, and only drinking coffee?
Yea...forgot food, yet again!  My onlt excuse is one hectic day!  The morning was a blur, and as a result, ended up giving myself an early Christmas present...the lighrs will FINALLY be back on tommorow!!
Oh...SO doing the Happy Pants Dance!!!
Put on an episode of MST3K!!!
Yes...I'm a geek!
So sue me!
At least now, with the power on, wr can switch day care to the shop!  The jumbled mess of having to jet back and forth and close briefly in the afternoon, will hopefully come to an end.  We have, regretfully ticked off a few folks who have made treks to see us, will ALWAYS come first!  Sorry if that inconveniences anyone...but, it IS a family business.
So, finished up several repairs today, and then went about a few tear diwns to make move, AND get on the projects for Wendsday.  We will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Holiday, but reopened on Saturday.  Yea, We're giving ourselves an extra day this year for all the last minute stuff, and really don't want to kill ourselves.
Not that its a BIG Christmas this year.  No, we fought the normal urge to go overboard, keeping finances in mind.  The kiddos understand all to well the reality of things and are usually quite understanding.
Angi came in this afternoon bwfore I left, to keep the fires burning, as I had several expected pick ups from folks eager to get their rides before heading out to parts unkniwn...and no-one came in
AH WELL...hopefully tomorrow. get into the shower abd scoured off!
See y'all soon!



    Man, yer messin' wit tradition.

    Congrats, Steven!

  2. Yep! And and as soon as the lights came on..we saw how dirty the place had gotten! Oy...broke out the broom and cleaners...