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Saturday, November 28, 2015


So, today is "small business Saturday " which means, by law, anyone caught patronizing any store OTHER than small local businesses, they will be taken out and summarily shot.
Hey, I didn't make the law!
Just trying to save your life.
Yesterday was quite busy, given we are normally bored and chatting with neighbors equally unoccupied.  No, sent three to new homes and had six repairs come in! Thank you to all you grand folks for paying us a visit and for all your help.  Met one nice lady from up home, recently relocating to Dunedin.  Originally from Portsmouth, all New Englanders are drawn to the quaint "old World" small town appeal.  She's looking for...something, but not sure what.  I settled her search for a comfort hybrid, perfect for the Trail.
Also had a gent come in with his daughter, ten and growing fast.  They recently acquired a great condition 24", but as we had talked a couple weeks back about finding her a lower 26", he was concerned that maybe he should trade it in towards something larger.  I watched her ride it, and the fit was perfect.  Then, giving it a good going over, stated it was in great shape, so no reason to spend money, as the bike was free.  He appeared rather incredulous I wasn't trying to sell him something.  Hey, the WHOLE idea of RE-Cycle is to just get people out and riding!  Whatever way possible, and if you can save yourself some cash?  All's the better!
Needless to say, with all the repairs, nothing new got built, but we did at least get through all the teardowns, freeing up some walking space!  Not to mention a bevy if new goodies for the wall!
Anywho, I'd best get at it and do some building as its etting a wee bit thin on the line!
See ya soon!

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