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Monday, December 28, 2015

The Return To Normalacy

We were a happenin' place this weekend!  Sold down to two adult bikes left!  But have no worries, we have plenty to build, and thats what I'll be banging in today!  Have several decent prisoects, and I spent a goodly amount of Saturday weeding out all the hopefuls out back in preperation.  We did pick up two newbies this past Saturday, but they sold within minuets, so we stayed a little late getting them done.  By we, I mean, our newest protege, Logan.  Yep, he's starting a little earlier than his brothers did (although, Kaleb, being more mechanically inclined, started banging on rides when he was eight) but, by far, he's the most reliable.  Logan is more content on running the front, and himself, sent home three ridrs this weekend.  Cordial and helpful, our visitors found him endearing, so add another Atherton to the roster.
Sunday, although initially consumed with the traditional cleaning chores, turned into a pkeasent evening.  The kiddos, having Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets, NEEDED to go to the dollar store!  We doubled up, and got Subeay for dinner, than hung out and watched Monster House before bed,  A slightly scary movie always inspires the wee ones to cuddle up with Daddy.
After bed time, mom and dad, pooped out from folding and sorting and cleaning, quickly passed out thereafter!
So, back at it today, with high hopes wr can get out a few before I have to bug out for the next job!
Hope to see y'all soon!

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  1. So it's all back to what laughingly passes for normal-ish. Well, mostly. I do hope to roll up your way tomorrow morning with a little something to help improve the new year at the bike shop. A sort of test-run free sample, as it were.

    Stay tuned.