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Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday recap!

Ok...color me a procrastinator!  Angi worked real hard over the last couple weeks to make the house decked out in Holiday splendor with all her hand made decorating, but one thing was missing...a tree.
With our hectic work schedules, not to mention meager monies, it didn't look like we would have one.  Don't ask me what happened to the last tree we had, it has been rumored that in a fit of cleaning frenzy mid spring this year, the urge to reorganize the shed led me to pitch it in the interest of needed space.  I can neither confirm nor deny theses events as I have no clear recollection of this.  Anywho, hearing of our plight, my Dad and stepmother picked up a six footer and delivered it on Sunday, and Angi attacked it in the traditional Irish/German fashion.  That's where the women folk decorate and the men stay out of the room while they do so, awaiting the reveal.  When this went on, searching for something to do (not to mention a stand for the tree)  I found myself in the shed again, searching (and WOW...I need to clean it again!)  and stumbled upon a rather large tote of Christmas lights we forgot we had!  So after a trip to Walmart to buy the LAST stand they had, we got back and I started to string the outside in icicle lights.  Still having a plethora left over, the kiddos helped me festoon the big tree out front with several more strands.  Been a LONG time since I went tree climbing!!  Of course...old bones feeling it this morning!
Finally, the tree inside was done, and upon reveal, once again Angi outdid herself, and it is decked out beautifully in traditional trimmings, as she shares my distaste for the gawdy.  Truly a masterpiece!
The evening continued, and the grandparents had brought quite a spread for dinner, and everyone overdid it with barbecue chicken!  Woof!  Then, we did the prerequisite dessert, then to open presents they brought.  Once the festivities were over and we said our good byes, we settled in for the evening.  Shortly there after, having need of a couple things from the store, I took a leisurely ride to the store, when upon returning, my "trash picking " radar went off when I realized someone had jUst brought something to the curb that Angi has been looking for, for ages.  A gothic style tall backed hall bench, with attached coat hooks and a compartment under the bench for shoes.  The ONLY thing wrong with it, was it was missing one ball foot!  SHEESH!  I can never understand why folks will just chuck something so beautiful when it only had a minor, easily repairable flaw.  You can buy the ball foot at Lowes for, like, four  bucks, stain it black, and slap it on!  Easy-peasy!
Needless to say, it looks awesome in the foyer!
Once we cleared up the decorating debris (and commented on the fact we always seem to do MORE work on our day off!)  We sat down for an episode of "Vikings" and all but passes out!
Elijah minded the store yesterday, and had some pick ups and a couple repairs, but nothing going out to new homes.  That may be because after Saturday we didn't have much to pick from!  We sent four out, and did several repairs, and for awhile it was like old times!  The joint was jumping, and one of our regulars, John, was actually helping with other customers!  We had taken in those two Treks earlier in the day and the 3500 didn't last more than 20 minutes after being posted.  John himself, having hung around for about an hour, talked himself into taking home the sweet Raleigh road bike we had.
Today, I have several in my bay I'm hoping to get done in time for the last minute folk, as we have had several inquiries today.  So here's hoping for a happy Holiday!
Alright. I've jawed on to work!

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