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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sing us out Franlie...

Well!  Hello there stranger!
Sorry, it's been a couple of days but the pesky internet was down on my phone, inexplicably.
Sunday was quiet, but still managed to help a couple nice folk keep their rides rolling and we thank you for your trust!  One was a way old school Schwinn three speed that the owner wanted spiffed up, as it was to be a gift, and she was absolutely tickled we were able to get it looking sharp again.  Needed some new/old parts , hence why were proud to be the only place around where you can find a lot of old school trinkets!
Monday was a lot busier, sending three rides to new homes and pumped out several more saves.  NEVER get tired of the shock and awe folks get when they find out just how cheap we can get them back on the road!
But....then we get to today, and the crickets are even bored!  Oh well, can't win 'em all!  We did manage to put out a couple newbies, though, a fully refurbed Gary Fisher MTB, real sharp, and a real clean 20" BMX, perfect for under the Christmas tree!
We've also picked up some more goodies that I will be going through tomorrow to see what we can see!
The other job is going along steadily, although I still feel that old pang of guilt each time I leave the shop.  Strange, but split loyalties was never my shtick!  I'll tell you one thing, though, anyone in the warehouse can bring in their own music, as long as they don't try and over power the other, but as our department has no working radio at the moment
 I'm forced to listen to the electric departments choices.
Ive got a constant stream of hip hop in one ear and "new" country in the other!  Two of the most HORRIFIC sounds in the known world!  I mean, they play this stuff to torture prisoners in Guantanamo!  Talk about cruel and unusual!  Seriously!  You hear ANY song from either've heard them all!  And TEN hours a night of that pap?  I'm ready to blow my brains out with the nail gun!  Tommorow I'm bringing in my Pandora... a little Pop Evil, a smattering of Mighty, Mighty Bosstones,with some Dread Zepplin, a smattering of Squirrel Nut Zippers and a shot of Punjabi?  I'll have a datante before you know it!
Fer now, gonna hit the shower then call it a done LONG day!
See ya soon!


  1. Personal music choices are why god invented headphones.=) LOL

  2. Ah, lad, if you REALLY want to settle the score, bring bagpipe music!

    Try either Seven Nations or Off Kilter. Both rock the pipes.

  3. True on the headphones, but VERY dangerous in a machine shop! And no worries on the bag pipes, i got Flogging Molly and such in there too.