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Saturday, December 5, 2015


Ok, we all do it, so don't chastise me!  You know, that tendency to assume something about someone just by how they looj.  I was WAY off today!  Had a "grandmotherly" type come in today, stating she had a bike shr was looking to sell.  It was declared to be in "like new" condition (as it turns out, she wasn't kidding!  It show room GORGEOUS!) but was looking to unload it.  I gave her the standard "bring it in and we'll check it out " schpeal, and she went on her way.  Now my assumption was "getting to old and frail to ride" maybe the common Florida ailment of bad knees or hips.  Once she came in and I was thrilled to take in the beautiful KHS low step ladies hybrid, we talked some more and I came to find out the true reason she was looking to make some extra cash...
Shes looking to get a tatoo!
Seriously!  This very matriarchal looking woman is getting stamped!
I can only wonder how many more of past assumptions were WAY off!
Want to send a shout out to a very nice couple who came down from Canada and took advantage of our vacation package in the form of a nice mountain bike.  When they returned it, and got their 50% back, they informed us we needed to charge more, as they felt guilty they got a bike for a month for only $45.00.  Enh.  We like the rewards of helping folks have a stress free vacation!  Y'all can thank Angi for coming up with the idea all those years ago!
And, a big thanks to Dave and his wonderful wife for bringing in more leftovers yesterday!  The sandwhiches didn't last!
Okay, time to call it a day!  Check out the newbies we put out today, and I am gone!

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  1. Yeah, ya gotta watch our for them old folks.

    Tricky bunch.