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Friday, December 11, 2015


Yea, this rant can't wait until tonight! in a warranty job yesterday. No biggie, that's WHY we have it, so folks don't feel schtupt if a part fails.  On this one the free wheel failed and needed a replacement. Again, no biggie.
Well....until I went to remove it.  Turned out to be an old school two prong, needeing a puller I don't have and can't find anywhere.  Scratching my head (and muttering expletives in daddy-speak)  I decided to put it up and figure out something later.  Well, this is where I was compelled to do the unusual and have Kaleb take it to one of our closest competitors to see if maybe they had the tool.
Here's where the fun began!
First, when Kaleb handed it to the "mechanic" he looked perplexed.  Came to be, he DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT OFF!?!?
The owner had to come back, irritated, to do it himself.  He wrenched on it for a bit, broke it loose (about three minutes)....
And charged him $28 freaking bucks!?!?
I mean, I have no problem with someone making a living, but GAWD!!  I mean that's six bucks more then we charge to REPLACE a freewheel! Parts AND labor!
Man!  No wonder so many customers are at first scared to find out how much a repair will cost and why they're so shocked when they find out how cheap we are.
But here's the REAL kicker!  Once he brought it back I went to mount the replacement freewheel...and discovered the BROKE TWO SPOKES!! They didn't even have the mirracas to TELL HIM!
No, I didn't bother to complain or send it back.  I'm way too busy with repairs and i've already had to make the owner wait a day, and I HATE doing that on a warranty job. telling what else they'd screw up!
Okay...just had to get that off my chest.
Enjoy the rest of your day.




    I have a VARIETY of two-prong freewheel pullers and the workbench vise to pull them. Plus, for you, free pick up and delivery, no labor charge and service with a smile.


    Next time, 'k?

  2. The squeaky wheel gets the goat treatment eh? Typical M.O. for some establishments, let the kids learn OJT on lesser equipment at the customers expense. Better to slap a loner wheel on that warranty ride and take Chip up on his offer next time. IMHO. =)

  3. John-

    I gave Steven an early Christmas present yesterday: the correct (Sun Tour) freewheel tool. He's been a good boy this year.

  4. Chip-
    Sounds like he could use a few spokes too. =)

  5. Had he mentioned the length required, I would have brought a few. Seems he had that covered... I guess...