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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"we are all...honorable men"

Boy oh boy!  Well...we all survived another day, so give yourself a firm pat on the back for a good days work!  I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  About eleven last night things started getting hazy!  Ha ha!  Went to bed around four am that morning and up again around seven am.  My day at the shop (this week switched around because of Monday) and I was hell bent on takung a nap as soon as I got there!  Hee, hee!  That's what the back room is for, dontcha know?  But, no sooner am I on my way do I start thinking about all the things I SHOULD  do when I get there, and sure enough, rest forgotten, I powered down four eggs with a double shot of BACON  (grits on the side for starch) and we were off and running! Normally, I have steak with my eggs, but no restaurants nowadays will cook it TRULY rare.  I'm talking, you cut in and hear a pained "MOOOO!".  SO, bacons always better crispy, anywho!
So, once satiated, i set to work on a sweet Panasonic road bike Angi picked up just before clos e Monday.  She got a great deal, and it cleaned up well!  I'm not a road bike person, but this one rides great.  And as we got it on the cheap, she's going out priced to move!  Once finished, went to work on a nice, old school Mongoose ladies hybrid.  New tires to start, but am ending up putting way more into it then I expected, but its cool, don't often get these swell older hybrids in such good looking shape, so worth the effort!
Tomorrow is my house day, and I'm hoping I get to sleep in....
No, it'll be "lego Batman" to start than who knows where from there.  I'll just curl up on the couch and wait for my TV time.  I have the urge to watch "Free Enterprise " anyway.  Good "geek fest" flick, if your ever in the mood to watch Fanboy films, and see William Shatner do a Shakespearean rap song.
No...seriously, it's at the end of the film and is really pretty cool!  On the subject, go to YouTube and check out "common  people " by old of my faves!
His version of "Rocket Man" is pretty funny too.
Oh, i do love the peace and quite of early mornings.  Nothing but peepers and crickets.
Anywho, I'll let y'all sleep. Sorry if I woke you.
Kisses on your foreheads, sweet dreams and we'll talk later.

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