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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oh My Stats And Garders! EVERYONE musy have been sleeping the last few months!
Yes....I'm an ego hound and always check the blog numbers every day!  The last few months had barely broke triple digits each day, and sometimes not even that!  I was beginning to feel unloved!  But the last couple days.....WOW!  Times previous numbers bu ten!!
Seriously...I'm just not THAT conceited, it just tells me how many folks are interested, so as to gauge how busy we'll be.  And boy howdy!  Wr have had a slew of folks coming in, but unfortunately....we have bary anything to show!  Yes...It's been nothing but repairs and special orders for the last couple of days.  So busy, i was supposed to take the morning off todau and hang with the girls, but instead, had to do a material run (first one in six months!)  As i needed ten sets of new tires for all the rebuilds wr got piling up!!  Then it eas into the shop, which was being deftly manned by Logan and Rozy to get to work banging out six of the drop offs from yesterday.  Oh...the folks were in no rush, and surprised when I told them it would only be a day, but we don't want anyone off the road for too long!  You should have seen me coming back from the supplier!!  Riding a cruiser with twenty tires strapped to my back with a used inner tube!!  The only thing I could say when I stepped into our shop was thrust my fists to my hips, stand up straight,, strike a heroic pose and shout "TURTLE POWER!"
Yes....I'm a fanboy sue me!

At least it got a rolled eye chuckle from the kids!
Tomorrow, I hope to have the rest done so I can get on the newbies.  
Here's hoping!
It's no surprise, though, it's always this way this time of year.  Sell out just after Christmas, then scramble to build.  Stick with us folks, We'll be up to snuff soon!
Ok, with that, i best get cleaned up, and get my four hours!  I have to bang out a full rebuild before I can go on to anything else!
See ya soon!

1 comment:

  1. Close, so close, but the phrase is, "Oh, my stars and garters".

    See you next year, Steven!