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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Okay...if there are typos...I'm sorry...can't find my glasses!

Sorry, I know, it's been a while, but what can I say?  Not much to jaw about!  Oh, we got some new rides in, sure, but the city of Dunedin is thinking of declaring our little plaza as a stop on the "Ghost Town" tour, SHEESH!
(Wow...its hard to type on this thing without my glasses!)
And it's not just us, so many folks I talk with tell me how slow things are.  I mean, the economists tell us things are getting better, but the view from the foot soldiers is avwee bit different!  It's sad, really, as i am getting a huge amount of fks looking to SELL bikes so yhey can afford Christmas presents!  I know the boat you're in folks (I think the hull read "Titanic")  Angi and I have already come to the sad conclusion it's going to be a non Christmas this year for us.  buy gifts if the bills will suffer, but the best thing we can give them is a roof over their heads and Ramen Noodles in their bellies!
Yea, sorry if I'm whining, seriously though, doesn't kill me too much as it's REAL hard to get in the spirit when in late December you're wearing shorts to work and swimming in sweat!
Wow...I do whine
 Don't I?
As I was saying, put out a sweet older Raleigh road bike today, three nice little boy BMX'ERS, and all but finished a real SHARP looking Giant Iguana we got in!  This one has a marbled brown and gold paint scheme, real nice!  Also, we did get in several donations today, which was nice.  The parys from one helping to build out the Iguana.  Love how that works!  You're wondering if you have the needed parts, and while doing so they walk in, FREE!
Tomorrow, is my home day with Miranda, and some light housekeeping chores.  Thankfully, the quest Angi began to get her into a dpecial program jas bore fruit, and after several appointments we are one more away from getting her school schedule.  The cool thing is, their bus will pick her up, and drop her off right in front of the house!
At least she will be getting the help she needs!  Nothing to good for our lite puddum!
 I best stop here, with no glasses, my eyes are killing me!
See y'all soon!

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  1. Hey, the Raleigh looks nice (Is that Sun Tour???), but you know I'm partial to the Iguana. If anyone out there is looking for a truly comfortable ride, you'd better be first in line for that Iggy!

    ('Cause you can't have mine!)