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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

the NEW 52!

Well... this is fun. schedule.
Both Angi and I are seeing vapor trails!  Up at seven AM, kiddos at the ready, rumbling and grumbling the older boys get up an hour earlier to escort the girls to school, then either mommy or I head to the shop (alternating days) and the other stays home with little miss Miranda.  Today was my day for house dad. And I gotta admit...i have NO idea what they mean by "a handful".  Miranda was a PEACH today!  Oh, mamma has been working on the potty training, and each time she had to go, I quickly adapted to the ritual.  She needs her dress and diaper removed, than I have to sit guard outside the door, but other than that, she gave me all the time I needed to do house cleaning with the promise of playtime.  After i finished wr played ball and tag, which quickly devolved into a free for all chase and wrestle, then, tuckered out, she wanted mivie time.  Than lunch together then she layed diwn as if ti nao, but instead became facinated with playing with ny beard.  It was a great day...
Then I had to summon a here to fire unknown reservoir of energy and gather the gumption to go to work.
Mamma made it home with Izzy (who regularly stoos her bike every ten feet to complain her legs hurt, urging her escort to carry her) in record time, so at least we had ten minutes to catch up.  That part REALLY SUCKS! Looks like Monday thru Thursday we'll see each other fir maybe a half hour each day!
Oh well, distance makes the heart flounder!
Elijah seems to be enjoying working at the plant.  Hope that lasts!  If he sticks with it he could build up a good future there.  Plus, now...he can pay rent!
The shop was pretty busy on Monday, sending two rides to new homes with both parties quite excited by their finds, not to mention repairs and parts for DIY'ERS.  But Tuesday landed wuth a resounding "thud!"  Hooe tomorrow is better!  Hint, Hint!  We did get in sime more repairs, though, so I'll check 'em out in the AM.
We also put out two more goodies on Monday, a real sharp looking Diamondback MTB was the pick if the litter, followed up witj an el cheapo ladies cruiser.  We have a lot more pickings out back i'm going to dig through as well, and see what I can come up with.
Update on the wayward son, Kaleb.  He keeps in toucj, but you have to wade through the BS and manipulative banter to find the truth.  Seems he claims to be attending church and finding God.  Hmmm?  Well, personally, i think that would do him some good!  Remains to be seen how far that commitment goes.
Ok, yacked to bed!
See ya in the morning!

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