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Friday, November 6, 2015

Another day older and deeper in debt...

Thank heavens, another work week over!  Well, at least at the plant!  I aint complaining (well....much) but it's been a LONG one! See, it's been over a decade since I worked for someone else, and even longer with other employees and multiple bosses. You mix personalities, work ethics, and expectations?  Oy.  Me, i just want enough work to keep me busy and be left alone to do it.  No, I don't mind working with other people, because i get along with anyone...well, with some I can fake it real good than make an excuse to cut contact short.  It's when signals get crossed, and one higher up ain't communicating with the other?  That's when things go sour. For some reason, and it's totally alien to me, at this job the majority of the managers don't like confrontations with their subordinates.  Basically, if you screw up, they don't mention it, they just fix it themselves.  Case in point;  we have these custom made rolling racks for the big machines.  The fabricators are supposed to clean them, but rarely do sufficiently, so when it comes to shipping, its our job to do it.  Well, when I was trained, i was told to "just whipe it down with acetone (yea...we use a LOT of acetone so i loose about 70,000,000 brain cells each night!)  So, thinking I'm doing it the right way, over the last three months I've cleaned dozens....wrong!  Seems I was supposed to use a buffer with a coarse wheel to hit all the dirty welds, but instead of pointing that out, MULTIPLE times, they just finished it on the AM shift?  Well, last week, when the head cheese was having a friendly chat with me before i started work, he asked me how things were going.  I said fine, but that i wished there was more to keep me busy at night.
Seems he went to my boss, HIS. subordinate and chastised him for not giving me enough to do.
This apparently was simmering in his brain, when this week, the day after i had more racks to clean he lambasted me for NOT cleaning them properly.
I stood dumbfounded, and informed him i'd not been told that, then my Yankee came out and i inquired as to WHY this had not been brought
 to my attention?  He didn't have a good answer for that.  See, he came on as my supervisor after i'd been there for two months after the guy who trained me was fired (should have known at that point!)  Once he realized their were gaps in my teachings, he simmered down, but i just told him (as he's a fellow Yankee) if there's a problem, don't tip toe around it.  I'm not a little kid, just speak up and tell me i screwed up!
At least now I'm getting a heavier work load!
This morning Angi sent the Hercules to a new home...FINALLY!  That gorgeous ride was starting to get whiskers it had been there so long!  I managed to get one new ride out, after several repairs, then had to scoot to pick up Izzy from school.  Normally Elijah gets the girls, but Mirandas stroller broke yesterday. It was cool though. I had a nice ride home with her, and got to share her day.  Plus, it was so sweet, when she saw her Daddy was picking her up, she squealed with delight and ran and gave me a huge hug.
Oh, its moments like that, that make all the BS SOOOOO worthwhile!
I was so smitten, when we got home, and after she proudly showed me her work. and spelld some words for me, we sat down and played a little before I had to leave for work, and i REALLY didn't want to leave!  Sad face!
Tomorrow, I'm there all day as Angi has one of her seasonal decorating gigs this weekend and will be out of pocket for the duration. and I will be focusing hard on getting out newbies!  So check us out, have lots to work on!
Alright, time to hit the shower and sheets.


  1. "One the day I was born, the sun didn't shine.
    I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine."

    One of the great songs, no doubt about it.

    For those of you scratching your collective heads over the heading to this day's blog, go to Youtube and call up "16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

    You'll be glad you did.

  2. Hey, it's an old song and I'm an old guy!