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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Time To Set The Ten Minute Rule Clock!

Well, GOLLY BOB HOWDY, you know the season is bursting in when we get TWO ten minute rules in one day!  And a Tuesday no less!
Yep.  First one was the sweet Trek 850 commuter.  Had a couple come in and check it out. Rode it, liked it, but wanted to "check out another place".  Sadly, whilst they were sniffing smelling salts after fainting from sticket shock, at "another place",  a pair of snowbirds flitteted in and snagged it up, knowing a good deal when they see one.  The first couple called back shortly after, and having found us on "offer up" (the bargain basement web site for "deal seakers") offered a woefully low price.  At least that allowed me to spare them the V8 face slap, and just politely declined.
The second one was a bit of a surprise, not to mention leaving me feeling sorry for the gent.  A regular looky loo of ours who has been coming into the shop looking for the PERFECT vintage road bike, made his biweekly sojourn to see the newbies and fell instantly in love with the Peugeot we put out yesterday.  It was EVERYTHING he wanted, loved the paint...but...he was going to have to think about it?
I pointed to the Uncle Chip provided "Ten minute rule" sign and thus explained its mandates, even cautioning  him of the one we had earler, but he humorously chuckled "I'll take my chances"
....six minutes later...
A young couple from Saint Pete strode in, RIGHT to where it sat, and with NO coaxing said "we'll take it!"
Thats the quality of Craigslist shoppers!
Hope our regular doesn't have to wait another year...
Also, we sent the ladies cruiser home with a gleeful young lady, clapping her hands enthusiastically as she finnaly found her perfect ride!
Work wise?
I got the plethora of parts buckets sorted, then my tired ass...umptions led me too the conclusion that i desperately needed a nap.  I got less than an hours sleevery p last night.  Chock it up to worry and not having ALL my kids under one roof!  Yes, we did the right thing...don't mean it don't weigh on ya!
I only hope tonight is different!
Angi finished the day out, after a morning apointment with Miranda, and kept busy the remainder of the day.  Definitely more quality to meet the visitors., i best get a shower and pass out!
Night y'all!


  1. Man, I wish I could have made that "count down clock" really count down and ring.

    That would have been funny.

    1. Nah! Don't worry about it, when customers say they're going to "think about it" i just point to the sign and explain. The fact we have a hand made sign, gives the cautionary tale legitimacy.