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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Aux grands maux, les grands remedes!

Sorry, but our normal witty banter, or scathing rants just seem inappropriate today.  Yesterday, for some odd reason I was in a "mood".  A foreboding, dark mood.  I chocked it up to "Friday the thirteenth " but awoke to the sorrowful news, it was much worse.
I join a worldwide chorus of prayers to the people of Paris France, who have fallen prey to the insanity, and blood thirsty caranage of a hellishly moronic ideological fueled war with the ass backwards demons, ISIS.  Cowardly, they stage six cordinated attacks on the city of lights in an attempt to wreak the highest body count on "soft targets".  Honestly, i hate the term.  These were innocent people, just living their lives to the best of their ability, oblivious to the rampaging stupidity of these  back world wastes of flesh. 127 dead. 200 injured, 99 of those critical.
For what?  So they can have their "war with the west"?
Well folks...believe it or not, here's where i state the unprecedented ; give them their damn war!!!
Yes, at this point, conservative Republicans are going to start grinning, but I'm not talking about succumbing to any contest of whos God is bigger, I'm talking about utter annihilation of a "worldwide threat"!
Bush foray into Iraq was a misguided mistake, but I'm talking about taking out a REAL threat.
Here's a couple suggestions ; I'm all for civil liberties, freedom of speech and religion, BUT  these scum...had friends, supporters, allies, and French authorities have over 1200 of them on a watch list.  Here's an idea, drag them out by the scruff of their neck, strip them of their citizenship, pack them on a cargo plane, and dump them in Syria.  Same goes for our shores, and any other country with an infestation of these vermin.  No lengthy court cases, or arrests.  Anyone supporting or inflicting violence against any population does not have the RIGHT to civil liberties, as they are by NO MEANS, CIVIL!!
Secondly, and a young lady interviewed on NBC, gave me this idea.  She was in a restaurant when the attacks began, rushed into the basement of the building, and using social media, tried to find out what was going on, but it took over twenty minuets to find anything out.  Look, we now have a nation wide Ambet Alert system that flashes on our cell phones if a child is abducted.  VERY usefull.  How about something like that for terrorists attacks?  One for possible threats, one for actual attacks.  Worldwide.  With the coordination of these, how long will it be before they strike more than one continent at the same time?
They seem to have no shortage of brain dead idiots who are more than happy to sacrifice their meaningless lives to their misguided pursuits!
I will say, the scenes of solidarity, even during the heart of the crisis TRULY showed the strength and indomitable spirit of the French people.  From evacuees leaving the football stadium singing a proud chorus of the French anthem, to those escaping the chaos on the streets making sure to help get others to safety.  And one would expect the streets of Paris to be empty, its population seeking the safety of home and family, but Instead, spitting in the eye of the fear they tried to instill, the city was packed with a full compliment of citizens steadfastly refusing to acquiesce their lives!
Again, our prayers are with you.

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