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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Days seem to get life gets shorter.

Today was a chipper sign of greener pastures!  Sent two newbies to new homes before the clock struck twelve, and several more looky loos to boot!  Thank you SO much to the three, count 'em THREE returning snow birds who deigned to visit us, amongst their first days landing on our shores, as they took advantage of our vacation package LAST year and couldn't wait to hook up with one of our rides again THIS year!
Hopefully....we'll have more for them to check out SOON!
Did manage to put out a GORGEOUS classic Peugeot road bike this am.  Sorry..only thing out, as she needed a FULL re-cycle overhaul!   But, i also did manage to sparse down the over flow out back!  A MUCH-NEEDED. task, to be SURE!
Terry came by and carried away the bones, so I'm sure our neighbors will be happy for the added breathing room.
Digging through the pile, i found another road bike Angi picked up a couple weeks ago.  Don't know WHAT make it is (due to a real bad paint job) but it's got classic Shimano 600 gearing on it, and very light!  I smell ANOTHER alleycat single coming!!  Already got the alloy straight bars from a quickie conversion we did earlier ...yesterday?
Oy!  I was going to say today!  Shows ya how long i have been awake!  7 AM YESTERDAY, Y'ALL!
Truly....been a LONG day!
The upside being, Elijah FINALLY got a fire under his buttocks and did ad I suggested and went to my job and applied.  My boss called him in for an interview today, and as long as his pee is pure...he'll be starting Monday!  Thankfully, it wont be TOO weird, as he'll be first shift AND in the other building!  Didn't stop almost EVERYONE in the company from finding out my son may come to work for them.  Word travels fast!
It's going to be say the least!
As far as Kaleb?
That's a whole different subject.  Yes, we stuck to our guns.  The outcome?
Jury's still out.  He has lots of friends. And regardless of what he has put this family through in the last few months...i hope he's safe. I prayed so much he'd see things rationally....but...he has to come to the reality of things on his own.  My concern is the safety and sanctiry of the children that remain.  I love him, but he has to sink or swim on his own.
Sad way to end the blog, sorry, but today has been incredibly taxing, I need a shower and few hours sleep.


  1. I'm proud of ya, Mr. Atherton.

  2. Breath in, breath out, roll on. =)