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Saturday, November 21, 2015

we LOVE our friends!

Well!  Yesterday was more active than a chocolaholic on a bender!
What a blessing!  It was one nice folk aftah anuddah! We had two repairs from the day before, then another eight came in, one on top of the other!  Thanks so much for all the trust  folks!  Forgive me the moment of self aggrandizing, but it sure feels good when a new friend comes in, slightly trepidatious, concerned about the presumed HIGH cost of repairs, only to break out in a pleasently surprised grin when they are informed just how cheaply they're going to get away!  By the time we're done, they're insisting on snagging up a couple business cards to hand out to friends, pimping us out with gusto!
Speaking of "promotion", a very flattered thank you to our returning snowbird, Dave.  His welcomed face marks, for us, the beginning of the GOOD season!  As I have touted many times before, Dave was one of our first customers back in the old garage days, and holds the distinction of single handedly inspiring us to start offering repair services!  Yes, believe it or not, when we first started doing this, we just sold refurbished bikes.  He came by one day inquiring if we could take care of a few things on his bike, we said sure, I tweaked it, than handed it back to him, and he asked "how much?"
Honestly...I just stared dumbfounded, wondering what he meant.  Yes, I was THAT sharp!  We talked, he liked what and how we did it, and suggested we should start charging for service.  Who knew?!
Anyway, Dave and his wife have gone out of their way over the years to help and promote our business within the snowbird and retirement communities (not to mention bringing by all the leftovers from their functions...come on, LOADS of home cooked goodies?  Who could resist!) and always prints out his own promotional flyers for our efforts.  Yesterday, he came by, and spoke to me about a short article he wrote about our shop and family and what we have gone through over the years, and apparently, after reading it to some folks, has been asked if it could be printed up in the Dunedin Beacon!  Cool!
He brought it by the house for Angi to proofread, and I think it was given a go!  Thank you, Dave for thinking of us, yet again!
Oh, yes, we also sent home three rides yesterday, as well.  One of them, the Genesis road bike, caught us a SAH-WEEET TRADE!  The gent recently bought a 2015 Schwinn Tourist sport hybrid online, only to ride once and discover it was too small!  Hey, he's thrilled with the trade, and someone is going to get one heck of a goid deal on a brand new go-go ride!  Check out all the newbies below.
Ok, now, i gotta get to work!  Hope to see y'all soon!

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