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Friday, November 27, 2015

You gain fifteen tons, what do you get, another day older and heavy in weight.

Well!  We hope y'all had an excellent Turkey Day (or to our Vegan friends; "Turkofu Day") and you were surrounded by friends and family (without any "family holiday baggage" issues).  Angi and I did the traditional feast, six hours cooking, half an hour eating, ALL night recovering!  WOOF! With our schedule over the last few months...we DO NOT eat that much in one sitting!  But...of course, she made her world famous pearled onions, and this year, made GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!  'S funny...for some odd reason she and I both were  under the impression that neither one liked it, hence why she never made it!  I think it was the last time we had it, elsewhere, the cook made it different than we prefer, hence, neither of us ate more than a few bites, out of courtesy, but Angi made it perfect with an ample amount of fried onions!  The kids dug in as soon as their plates hit the table, so by the time we dished them all out (and several of "the Lost Boys" had joined us) Angi and I were able to dine alone and in relative peace, as they were all finished.
Waiting for the kitchen to be cleaned, and fending off the continuous barrage of "when can we have pie?!" (Which we deftly averted to "when your brothers finish cleaning the kitchen" the hope being they would speed up their efforts).  Once all sweet tooths were satiated, we settled down for some jawwin' on the front porch in an attempt to rest our swollen bellies. Oddly enough, the old wives tale about Turkey making you tired, does not seem to apply to our children (except for Elijah, who promptly passed out on the couch after having his fill) so after the wee ones finally gave up the ghost, we all flopped on the couch and watched "Vikings" (Angela's latest fave) until about 2AM.  Even then, i had to make the declaration that the remaing children (and guests) "go to bed!"
Hence why...I was a wee bit late this morning. far, it's been a busy day, and although the feed is still weighing me down a bit, thereby making me a tad bit klutzy, I gots me plenty to do!
Working on a couple of 24" cruisers, as well as some tear doens of donations earlier this week.  Oy speaking of which, in a true show of just how backward thinking and dispassionate Florida is to bicycle riders, here's a sad picture...

This could easily be another cautionary tale of why it is SO unsafe to ride WITH the flow of traffic, but it would be greatly disrespectful of what this poor man had to endure.  Traveling with the flow of traffic IN the bike lane he was struck from behind by a truck that veered full on into the lane.  The bike is obviously, gone.  But it's what happened to him AND HIS LIFE, that is REALLY  horrific!  He was in a coma for six months.  In that time, with no family, he lost his job, his house and ALL his possessions wete sold off and the State euthanized his dog!!  To top it all off, the driver of the truck got off with nothing more than a TRAFFIC TICKET!?!?!?  And of course, Florida being a "No Fault insurance state, and a cyclist can't get insurance, hes SCREWED!  Some folks from his church are trying to help him get back on his feet, and brought it in to see if we needed any parts.  Angi was half tempted to just hang it up, as is, as a warning to watch your back, becausethis state sure as hell ain't!
Our prayers are with him for a full recovery.
Ok, yea, not a great note to end it on, but it had to be said.
Be careful out there!


  1. If your friend had been riding illegally against the flow of traffic, the impact speed would have been 10 to 15 mph higher, and may have killed him instantly. Ask him if that's what he'd prefer, and if so, by all means, ride against the flow. It saves having to annoy the poor put-upon driver with a pesky traffic ticket.

    As for the "cyclists can't get insurance" thing, I have no idea what you mean by that. Anyone can get medical/health insurance, and the bike can be covered by a homeowner's or a renter's policy.

    And I just don't get that whole "State euthanized his dog" thing at all. That made no sense.

    I am glad the community stepped in to help, and Angi is right, as always:


  2. YIKES!!! is all I can think to say. I ride with the flow and will continue to do so. It's a matter of trust and respect for others. Some people think cars are the problem I see it as a car is no different than a loaded gun, a person has to pull the trigger. Attempted homicide with a deadly weapon and charge the state as an accomplice to the crime would be fair in a more perfect world. But until we get there hanging up the bike may only serve to dissuade people from buying and riding bikes. Cover your ass in blinkies and watch your back. Ride defensively and stay safe out there. =)

  3. Yeah, but cars have a sort of hair trigger when it comes to meeting bikes. It don't take much bad driving to kill a cyclist. Still, yeah, go with the flow. Every time.

    That said, I will also say this: I see too many cyclists riding down major busy roads instead of going over a block or two and using the quieter back streets. DON'T ride your bike on the same streets you drive. There's no reason to.

    Find a better way.