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Friday, November 20, 2015

And now, this public service announcement...

So....I'm thinking...I'm thinking maybe I'll start a Facebook page, or maybe another blog dedicated to an open forum for people to submit their whines, complaints and tribulations during their everyday lives.  You know, a kind of support group so when you're feeling like life is an 800 pound silver back gorilla, who has successfully pummeled you to a pulpy mass and is now playing double dutch with your entrails, you can read about how miserable someone ELSE'S day was, and maybe not FEEL so bad!
So, in what may very well be THE perfect public service campaign for why you SHOULD wear a helmet while riding your bike...
Can you say "ER visit on a Sunday morning"?
With my abnormal schedule, found myself this past weekend, unable to sleep, having the brilliant idea to go for a bike ride...
At One o'clock in the morning.  After a wee bit, found myself on the Pinellas trail heading towards downtown.  Now...I'd forgotten how freaking dark some patches are, and soon enough, a tree branch stretched out in front of me, camouflaged in darkness, urged me to veer sharply to the left, only to have my front wheel find the one niche in the tarmac to completely cancel inertia!  Well, for the bike that is.  No...MY mass continued it's forward momentum using my head as landing gear.  At first, i counted myself lucky my noggin hit the grass.  Well, that was until I felt something warm and wet trickeling from my left ear, and came to the sudden realization, I couldn't hear out of it!  Oy.  The soreness I felt in my neck, and sharp pain over my right eye (Where Greedo decided to land) compelled me to take a detour and seek medical advice.
Wish i hadn't.
Minor skull fracture.
Ruptured outer ear drum.
Now...if that wasn't bad enough...three days later?  I have a WICKED head cold.  That part was inevitable, of course, as Angi, fresh off recovery from bronchitis, ended up catching the same thing!  Poor lady, she hasn't had an unsick day in almost a month but STILL gets up each day, first thing in the AM!
Me?  I just want to crawl in a comfy hole for a week!
So, yea, been a hell of a week!
Like I  said, think about all you had to put up with today.  Now doesn't that story make you feel a little less stressed?
Today, again, was quiet, and I had my house day while Angi manned the shop.  I did nothing all day but lay on the couch with Miranda eating chicken soup and drinking two gallons of OJ, and watching movies.  Been awhile since I watched "Paul".
Tomorrow, though, we have rides a plenty to build, and new schedules to work out, so should be another interesting day!
Alright, now its shower and sack time!


  1. Your new blog could be called "The Complaint Department". LOL Watch out for low flying logs in the dark and feel better soon. =)

  2. The Pinellas Trail is a County Park, and as such, is closed at night. (There's a very short stretch of it open at night in downtown Dunedin, but it has lights.) You should never have been in that park, on that trail in the dark.

    Too dark. Too dangerous.

  3. But hey, on the plus side, your bike helmet's unscathed, right?

  4. Nice title john! Yea them pesky trees are out to get me! Yes, Chip, you're right, i think I read the sign just before the log jumped out at me!

  5. There was a big push about a year ago to get the trail opened at night, but local law enforcement screamed bloody murder. No pun intended.

    Me, I want to see Shark Alley (the Courtney Campbell Parkway Trail across Tampa Bay) opened at night during the full moon- LIKE TONIGHT!! Can you imagine how very beautiful that ride would be? Wow.