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Thursday, November 5, 2015

these times...they are ah changin'

....and then wendsday happened.
Ok...i cave, this weather realy DOES suck!
November freaking fourth and it's 88 freaking
degrees!?  Where's the freaking fall, man!?
I mean, I'm trying to rehab a nice ladies Nishiki and the tools keep slipping out of my hands because I'm so freaking sweaty!
Seriously, y'all!
Some changes are coming to Re-cycle (skipping any preamble) I've mentioned over the last couple weeks that Angi has had several "appointments" with Miranda, well, our little girl, as sweet as she is, has needs. And we are going to be "rerouting" our schedule to meet them.  We have recently taken on a trustworthy (yet talkative) young man who we will be offering the post of "closer" for the shop.  I and Angi will be (for at least the nexy month)  switching off days, and hiring "Tank" to handle the afternoon until close.  One of us must be home to stay with her while the other one works until the girls get out of school (and i have to go to the other job) so be nice to him.  He's a good kid, and worthy of faith and trust (a. RARE commodity amongst his generation!) and eager to help folks.  I'll still be there Monday and Wednesday and all day Friday and Saturday so stuff will keep flowing.  And to all the folks keen on seeing angi's gorgeous face, she'll be there too!  Win/win for everyone!
Sitting out on the porch and Suzanne is pricked up at the rabbits! Hard to fight millions of years of evolution!
As i said, Miranda will be going into pre k HOPEFULLY in December, so things will get back to some semblance of normalcy, and we'll have no one hanging in the house in the day time, so hopefully our ekectric bill will be non painful!  We just want her to get the attention she needs!
Today, was all about parts, with several DIY'ers snagging up goodies, but no newbies left, sadly!  There's always tomorrow!  I just gotta build more!
Alrighty...i gotta destinkafy myself!
Y'all have a good night!


  1. Hey, congrats on the hire- Can't wait to meet 'im!

  2. The Tank rocks. You heard it here first.