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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Usefull Cold Weather Survival Techniques!

So...we go from summer to the heart of winter in under twelve hours?  Yea, that's gotta be a record, even for Florida!  86 on Saturday 49 on Sunday!  What the hey!?  I'm not complaining, mind you, just unprepared!  Had to dig for my favorite 40 year old flannel to fend of the chill!  Only trouble is...I forgot its so worn, the button holes are stretched and it won't stay closed!  Oh well...found a NEW use for zip ties!

Sweet!  No draft!
Very helpful when you have to leave the hanger doors open at the plant! BRRRR!
I bet all the people up North reading this are saying  "oh  SHUT UP!!"
Sunday was a busy one this week!  Angi and Elijah sent home two new rides, one of them being a quick turnaround on the gorgeous Schwinn Tourist we got in Saturday night.  Didn't think that gem would last. The other was one of our El Cheapo AS-IS  specials.  No, worries, though, put another bargain basement special out today, as well as a banger BMX we got in on trade (love it when people realize sometime it's cheaper just to pick up one of our rebuilds than fix their own!  Tells us we're doing something right!) and also added a SAH-WEET Giant Sedona to the roster.  This one was a donation, but for the life of me I have no idea WHY?!  The only thing aside from some scratches in the paint, was it needed a front wheel, tube and tire.  Other than that?  Couldn't find anything a basic tune up wouldn't cure!  Oh well, more's the better for some lucky folk in picking up the bargain priced ride!
Ah...happiness IS a warm puppy!  Sitting out on the porch, capping off my day, and Suzzane is cuddling up.  Either out of unconditional love, or need for warmth, but it's those simple moment's of unadulterated joy, that make everything else one must endure just a little more palatable.
Tomorrow, I have house duty, and with all the kids on vacation time...should be fun.
Alright, I think my pooch is getting cold, so i best go.
See y'all soon!

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  1. Dude: Main Street Thrift, NE corner of Main and Belcher. Best thrift store around. Half price on clothes every other Wednesday. WELL worth the ride. JoAnn and I are thrift store fanatics, and that one is always at the very top of our list for both price and selection.

    Give 'em your old old stuff and then buy some new old stuff.

    That's what we do!