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Saturday, November 7, 2015

a brief pause of peace!

Well, today went a lot smoother, thank God!
Yesterday there was one heck of a hullabaloo, testing Tank on his first official day!  I had to step out to go to an appointment at the kids school, and no sooner did I leave did a small group of teens came in and tried to get him to do some free repairs. He politely declined, but they then became belligerent, and tried to enter my bay to take the tools to do it themselves.  Needless to say, he took the sanctity of my work station to heart and attempted to eject them from the store. Three on one he held his own, only to have to finally resort to chasing them out...
With the fire extinguisher.
Oh yea....
Took a couple hours to clean up THAT mess!
As a result we have implemented a SERIOUS no loitering policy!!
I sternly shooed away three teens today alone.  I hope for their sake they get the point, and wird gets out.  I've never liked them hanging out, anyway.
So, several repairs came and went today and sent three to new homes to boot!  Finally found someone who appreciated the classic Trek 820!  LPTS of looky loos as well!  Tomorrow should be busy as well, given all the inquiries as to whether or not we were open.
Managed to get out three newbies as well!  Vintage ladies ten speed touring bike,a real sharp mens mountain bike and finally finished the ladies Nishiki commuter conversion. Also have a real sweet Raleigh mountain bike in the rack about half way done. Once I finished that, on to a sweet old boss cruiser I picked up in trade today.  I LOVE those rides!  After that?  I have no idea what way the wind will take me!
So, until tomorrow...
Much love!


  1. My compliments to Mister Tank!

    Just please tell him to go easy on the old men that totter by from time to time...

  2. Yea. The schmucks blocked me in. What else could I do but grab the fire extinguisher right in front of me. I did not want to hit the guy, so I slipped the pin and emptied the tank in his face. About an hour later, I was at the medical supply place, asking if the stuff in those is toxic. I was choking just after inhaling a few puffs of that stuff. I can't even imagine and entire full tank of it. I hope the guy is ok.