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Friday, November 13, 2015


Heh. I pretty much posted my opinion of the day in the comment section in yesterdays post, so we'll skip another diatribe.  BUT, i will add...a couple weeks ago the family sat down and watched "Tommorowland" for movie night.  No spoilers, the movie is to "IN YOUR FACE" good to ruin it. But, at one point, Hugh Laurie does his best "House" irritated, sarcastic "preachy" speach about the stupidity of humanity.  It is SOOOOO to the heart of our arrogant ignorance, I almost almost wept.  Check it out!, on to today.
Nah...I got nothin'.  The day was a resounding dud, nothing going on at the shop, and I  slept until 2pm before having to get up and head to work.  Angi did say they got a nice Jamis in on trade, so I'll check it out in the AM.
Tonight went by incredibly fast, as I had a full workload to the pount of not being able to finish!  Woof!  That only the second time that happened!
Now, just chilling before bed on the porch until Suzanne comes back from wherever she took off to.
Yea, I know, not the most interesting of posts.
Maybe some folks will take advantage if the somewhat cooler weather tomorrow, pay us a visit, and give me something to write about!
Ok, best sign off!

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  1. Hey, a friend of mine says boring is totally underrated.

    Cherish the slow days, as they cost less.

    (And you can nap more.)