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Thursday, November 19, 2015

oh, don't get PITHY with me!

So, monday was a blur of activity! Sent three rides to new homes, and picked up some SAH-WEET trades!  Check them out below!  I mean, the two we put out are PRISTINE!  The day, of course, as always, a batch of mixed blessings.  Sunday nighr, we took Kaleb back in, on probation, ONLY for the fact, that while bombing about on his long board he shattered his wrist.  To let him coalesce, we gave him space, but less than 24 hours later, the fighting started. Oy!  Him and his brother, him and a friend, him and anither brother....needless to say, i had to rush home from the ship and play referee until Angi got home from another decorating gig, which of course made me late for my other job.
I'm just REALLY getting tired of teenagers BS!
As i was saying (at this point it's the next morning) today(wend/thurs) was quiet. TOO quiet. Had a few repairs to do, but that was about it. wasn't uneventful, but not in the goid way.  Nothing Earth shattering, just the usual annoying things thatt crop up like an evil rabid Monkey sporting thigh high Nazi boots, leather halter and a large wooden mallet with "Wack-a-mole" written on it. of THOSE days!  The strangest thing was, i was running a tad late this morning, so I left Suzanne here at the house so I could get there faster. Shortly after I left though, she got out and took off into the neighborhood, and even though everyone else went out looking for her, she had all but dissapeared.  It wasn't until I came hone with Izzy at 3.00 did Suzanne come strutting around the corner!?
At least my baby is oj, and currently on a leash!
Tomorrow, I have house duty (sorry...later this morning) but will be back in and banging away on bikes come Friday.  Got in some more goodies I can't wait to sink my teeth into!
Ok, so, now updated, somewhat, i gotta get some rest for Miranda duty tomorrow!
See ya!

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