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Thursday, November 12, 2015

So...WHEN do the space arks leave?

Oh!  We REALLY like compiments like that!  Had a couple come in today, down from Canada for the season (thanks for laughing at the "stupid monopoly money"joke! Not mine, mind you, line from a Weird Al song) and when researching the area, came across us, and said they KNEW they'd be getting a ride from us!  Seems they're quite green up there, and said they love the concept!  AWESOME!  This world SOOOOOOOO needs more people like them! Sad reality is, i've been listening to the news more and more lateley (NPR is the only Florida radio station that has interesting content and not the same forty songs over and over and over again) and the scary thing is, while world government STILL debates what should be done to fight climate change, and people STILL choke about in their gas guzzlers, the condition they were predicting would be here by the late 2020's?  ARE FREAKING HERE NOW!!!!  Even the top scientists are scratching their collective heads muttering to themselves; "uncharted territory".
Well, with no shortage of vitriol, thanks SOOO MUCH to all the poison spewing factories of post industrial revolution societies, not to mention the wide thighs that squeeze into the Suburban to drive the two miles, rather than walk or ride, so they can cram as many Bic Macs into thier faces as humanly possible!  Seriously, not only spewing toxins into our air, but helpping to fund the clear cutting of Amazon rain forests so the cows they're scoffing down have clear fields to graze on before their date with the skull malet!  DON'T FORGET THE EXTRA CHEESE BUDDY!
Oh...yea...I'm in a bloody mood!
I mean, just look at all the refugees from so many stupid, ideological wars across the globe.  Hundreds of thousands of people, they've lost everything, and the huddle in nake shift camps in the dead of winter, and i hear today that some SCHMUCK from Hong Kong just purchased a freaking diamond at auction for 48.5  MILLION!?
IT'S JUST A STUPID ROCK!!!  Dabeers has air plane hangers FULL of them!  Don't believe me?  Just Google "the diamond conspiracy ", if they released a quarter of all the stones they have stashed away, the market would be so deludged, they would be worthless!
A better legacy would have been to take the cash and do something actually HUMANE with it! Some people just make me want to "kull the herd"!
I may whine sometimes about business being slow, but at least I KNOW, that Angi and I and ALL the folks we have serviced over the years are at least doing SOMETHING to give back to our world and wipe out some carbon footprints!
What are YOU doing?


  1. My best DeNiro:

    "Are you talkin' to ME?"

    Yes, well, we do have one more car than you, Steven, (a truck, actually) but said machine will roll over 250,000 miles on Saturday.

    Our home uses 5kwh a day. (Look at your power bill. The daily use rate is on there.)

    We use less than the minimum billable water each month.

    I ride one of our FORTY-FIVE bicycles every day. Everywhere.

    I wrote award-winning books on bicycling ("The Practical Cyclist"), and the global oil situation ("Peak of the Devil"), and another book on low-impact living ("Wearing Smaller Shoes").

    We combine low consumption with high recycling.

    So that's what I'm doing. YOU?

    Chip Haynes (For those that want to look me up on Amazon.)

  2. Remain calm... Haven't you heard?... the U.N. has everything under control. They have the "Green Climate Fund" to throw BILLIONS of $$$ at the problem. =) ps. I've taken to listening to classical music, when a Rossini piece comes on I instantly imagining my favorite BugsBunny moments. =)


    I just knew those baby blue berets would come in handy some day...

    And you know, I really miss those Looney Toon cartoons, even though we seem to be living them these days.

  4. Yea...well...i was in a mood yesterday, and to any I may have offended? Well, you're probably reading this at the Golden Arches drive through, so I am NOT at all contrite! Sad thing is, changes ARE here...and they ain't fer the better! Mark these words...its too late. Some folks saw this coming a hundred years ago. No one listened. When we started to feel it? We went through a decade or more of debate as to whether or not climate change was real. Today, as with EVERY problem, the poor are feeling it first. Regions of Africa are barren, where once were green and lush, and the indigenous are flocking to the cities. I dont remember what country, but another indigenous people who have lived as fisherman near a certain sea shore for generations are having to abandin their homes due to rapidly rising sea levels. Sad thing is, we wont get around to saying "HEY, something is wrong!" Until every majir american coastal city is under water,and the farm belt is barren.
    So goes human ignorance!

  5. Oh, and John, i can only assume you were being sarcastic about the whole UN thing. Those idiots can't even come to an agreement on how high their little country flags should be!