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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Time To Terrify Tots!!

Fits and starts.
That's this time of the year, in a nutshell.
Things started with busy, yesterday, but quickly petered out towards the late morning.  Perhaps folks are getting ready for the holiday?  Not sure.  Elijah did point out the other day that out of all the houses in our neighborhood, ours was one of only three that has any decorations up in the spirit of the season!  Funny side note on that one...while putting up the trimmings a couple weeks ago, after having watched "The Blair Witch" the night before, Elijah constructed a rather large Pentagram out of twigs and grasses for string, and in the center, he hung a plastic skull with ominous looking red symbols painted on it.  Now, while the image made my mild religious sympathies cringe a bit, I let it go with minimum mention, in lieu of the Holiday.  The humorous effect being, that a few days later, as I sat on the porch, readying myself for work, we were paid another visit by some of the local "Jehovah Witnesses"!
AH-HA!  Hilarity ensued as they stepped from their vehicle, bibles in hand, only to be taken somewhat aback by the large symbol, and upon recovering, tentatively approached, merely to pass me a copy of the Watchtower, and beat a hasty retreat!
But, with the absence of others joining in the revelry, I really don't know how many folks are in the spirit this year.
If today is any indication, though, I'd say we are all still suffering from a "lack of consumer confidence" as the financial pundits would say!
But, in hopes of some action this weekend, I am continuing to furiously work on rides!  Put out that ladies Mongoose "commuter" and she is a peach!  Took some doing though!  I've got the ladies Trek in the rack, but just picked up another two ladies rides, one being another really nice "Old School", "pre-Walmart" Mongoose hybrid, that are "easy-outs", having need of very little re-hab! 
We like those kind of bikes!
SO, with that (and a couple repairs to bang out) I'd best get my tail in a twist, and get a movin'!
See ya soon!!  


  1. Here at Casa Loco we've been busy at it since 8:30 this morning, putting up our Pirate Extravaganza for tonight. (And it all comes back down tonight.) The yard is covered in All Things Pirate (and I'm taking a tea break).

    But it is a Saturday night, so I do expect a big crowd to slide by over the course of the evening.

    We be ready.

    And warned, ye be.

  2. Let the harvesting of the candy begin. =)

  3. And here it is 4:30 the next day and it is all put back. 'Slike it never happened. I'll wash the costumes tomorrow and look over my notes for things that need tweaked for next year.