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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Want TomorrowLand...Today!

Yesterday was as predicted.  After my lengthy diatribe I had JUST enough time to finish up the refurb, and oddly enough, with five minutes to spare before heading out to get the girls, as I was putting the last two screws onto the ride, the young owner of said bike happened to stroll in to check on her progress!  What timing!  It's like, her bike called out to her; "I'm READY!!" 
We did have a few more looky loo's throughout the day, replete with bevies of question about what we do, how we do, and when we do...ETC, ETC.  More than happy to chit chat and pimp out the biz!  I still, have not gotten anything ready for the show this Saturday, sadly, and am chastising myself for my procrastination.  Hopefully tomorrow and Friday I can get the clown bike and truck ready to roll.  Today, well, I am taking it easy.  Unless (hopefully) some repairs come in, I'm just chilling behind the counter and am going to watch some MST3K on the YouTube.  Yea, lazy...but the last three days have been harsh.  After Working a full day Monday I came home early Tuesday morning to find a "under the weather" Miranda, still stirring about.  Well, she actually woke up when I came in, obviously feeling miserable, and rather than wake Angi, who herself seemed to have a bad cough, I did my best to get Miranda to relax and sleep, but she didn't end up passing back out until almost six AM.  once satisfied she was going to stay asleep, I just sprawled out on the couch and tried to get some shut eye.  My mind had just about stilled, and prepared to render itself to unconsciousness, when the other kids started to stir into life for school.
Well, hoping I could get them up, ready and out in enough time to get a quick nap, I quickly realized that was a no-go.  Miranda began to stir, with all the noise, then once everyone had finally left, Kaleb woke up, getting ready for work (yea, he found a job at Dairy Queen) and he is not so light on his feet as to not make a racket when he moves about.  By nine AM, I gave up the ghost and got ready for work. 
After ANOTHER full day....
Got home this morning, and due to my bodies propensity for self preservation, I hit a second wind around 12.30 AM at the plant, and needed to sit and chill on the porch with a drink and some light reading on the smart phone (Weird War Stories). sooner had I felt the veil beginning to fall, did a suffering Angi came out of the bedroom with what could easily be "whooping cough".  I helped her back to bed, getting her some medicine to coat her throat and help her sleep, then of course Miranda stirred and woke up.  Angi began to rise out of bed, concerned for not only the baby, but as to whether or not I was going to be able to rest.  Well, chivalry may be dead, but I couldn't see her trying to do much of anything in her state, so after a short resistance on her part, the meds kicked in and she drifted off.  Thankfully.
Miranda wasn't awake for too long, and I finally hit the silk by about five AM. I'm gonna relax and wait for folks to come in and pay us a visit.
Speaking of folks paying us a visit, thanks to Dave Foot, on his way back up North, "ay" and for leaving more foodie goodies at the house!  See you next season, sir!
And to Uncle Chippie, for his weekly pass through.  On that subject, he recently posted a comment in regards to our post on the 25th about the state of school children, and offered up the calming words of, (paraphrased) "just relax and wait for the gas prices to go up" 
Well, I know it's meant as tongue in cheek humor, as I know, when it come to pro-actively "green" people, he wrote the book (no...literally he DID right a book on the matter...check out Amazon;  "Wearing Smaller Shoes"...oh, and "Peak of the Devil" if you want some good (scary) advice!)
BUT, I couldn't help but harken back to a year ago when the family and I watched the Disney flick "Tomorrowland" and Hugh Laurie's (Governor Nix) "IN YOUR FACE, STUPID HUMAN'S) speech!  It really spells out WHY we can't wait for the next twenty five plus years before the oil runs out.
Check this out (and for the lead in to explain his tirade, go rent or upload the movie....NOW!)

So doesn't get much clearer than THAT!
OKEY DOKEY!  Now, I put up my feet, sip some coffee and have some laughs until you folks glean on the concept of giving up your gas guzzler and come get a bike!
I'll be waiting.....


  1. Cheer up, Steven: Oil doesn't have 25 years left in it. The peak of conventional oil production was the 4th quarter of 2005, and we are still on track to prove Dr. Richard C. Duncan correct with his original Olduvai Gorge Theory. The bottom line: Look for big changes in the next 14 years.

    1. Oh! That does fill me with hope! Yes I'm looking forward to the point where people sell their cars to buy a bike