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Friday, April 15, 2016


Yes, sometimes a new build can become a vendetta!  Such is the case of the show bike I decided to create. Woof!  It's a rather unique looking BIG BOY frame I chose as it is also aluminum.  With the lightweight alloy components I picked out, shouldnt weigh much when I'm done.  Trouble started though in the tear down when it became apparent the alloy crank set was stripped out and my crank puller would just push out.  Ended up having to take a cutting wheel to it.  At that point came to realize the sealed bottom bracket was fused in rust!  ARRGH!  Not giving up, kaleb and I took turns with the socket and hump stick and finally broke the left side free.  The barrel is still left, though, but we soaked it with rusticate and will try again tomorrow. Sadly, this puts me a few days behind as I won't have access to the sandblaster until Monday.  Well, at least if we get that last piece out I can do a dry fit and make sure this Frankenstein will work!
Things picked up a wee bit today, sending the gents 29er to a newly displaced fellow Yankee and got a few repairs in to boot.  We banged them all out so I'm free up on my full day to dedicate to some builds before jumping on special projects.  Picked up a well loved three wheeler as well and I'm gonna do just a mechanical on it so as to sell it cheap as a banger.  It don't look to bad and will make it through the park and to grab groceries.
Speaking of the supernatural...
(nice clean seguea, hunh?)
Whilst on my break I was passing the time with some lightweight reading on line , touching on the top ten most "haunted" places and I stumbled on this blurb about a place in Utah called the "Skinwalker Ranch" Ok, short version (Google if you want all the tidbits) supposedly, this place has been a mecha of all kind of other worldly shenanigans since the fifties.  Everything from poltergeist activity, monsterous inhuman creatures, huge wolves that can't be killed, alien creatures, UFOS, cattle mutilations, voices coming from name it!  It drew so much attention that when the most recent occupants had been scared away a private research firm purchased it, and set up full time employees to monitor it with all the latest technologies from audio to video, extensive monitoring all over the property.  Now this has been under constant surveillance since like, 2006.'s the thing, photography has been around for almost 200 years but sadly 90% of ALL photographs EVER the world...have been taken in the last ten years! (very true...look it up).  With the advent of the cellular phone and equipped camera we are remorsefully overwhelmed with an enormous GLUT of narcassitic, ego driven "selfies" as our legacy! But I point is, after about an hour of punting around online I couldn't find ANY pictures or videos or even sound bites of all this suppised activity that is reported to occour around the clock!  So...maybe age has made me cynical, but as a movie had been made about this place it begs the question; "did the promoters of the film take a page from the mockumentary that preceded "the Blair Witch Project" and just fancify this urban legend?
You be the judge.
Okay. Gonna git cleaned up and padd out.
See y'all soon!


  1. So from time to time people ask me if I believe in paranormal activity, and I tell 'em, "Buddy, I'm a Republican. We barely believe in NORMAL activity." I used to say I never saw nuthin' I couldn't explain, but then along came Lady Gaga.

    Ok, I'm done here...

  2. Oh, I can explain Lady Gaga...It's Marilyn Manson in drag. That's why you never see the two together.

  3. THAT'S IT!!!!!