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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Justva Thing...

At the point the enquiries to sell bikes outweighs the desire to buy, this time of year it usually denotes the end of the "season".  Ugh...that's starting to happen, sadly.  Even with at least two more months of good riding weather left (for the casual rider) and this week has been SOOOOO quiet!  NOT a good sign!  We will though, as always, try our damndest to keep plugging!  We decided to build an entry for the rat rod competition at the end of the month to help pimp out what we do and let people around here know there is a cheaper alternative out there than the snobby boutique bike shops so proliferate in the area.  If it helps at least one person save a few twenties on repair cost, all the better!
Yea, a little down.  Went in this morning full of pi$$ and vinegar ready to bust a move....but had no visitors.  Managed to clean up the place and get to work on stripping down the new creation, but would have loved to help someone get back on the road!
Hopefully, with fingers crossed, tomorrow will be a better day!
Miranda is doing well by leeps and bounds, and as predicted, going to sleep earlier.  I'm sure angi is thankful for that!
Elijah is recovering and headed back to work tomorrow with the blessing of his doctor..
So , with nothing more to report I'm going to hit the hay!


  1. I don't get it- The weather is PERFECT these days. Everyone should be out on a bike! We've got another month or more until the rainy season kicks in.

    Now is the time to buy a bike and RIDE!!!

    1. Yea... My thoughts exactly! Trouble is, most snowbirds are now going ro Mexico. Cheaper.

  2. Si, Amigo. And I hear Costa Rica is very nice. Me, I'll stay here. I know where all the bike shops are!