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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Days don't get much better!

Good morning campers!  Oh my what a wonderful Sunday!
Yes, yesterdays post was melencholy, but with a mind like mine it's like living in an industrial tumbler filled with superballs!  You never know whats gonna git tossed out!
But seriously, Sunday was a BLAST!  The kids church was throwing a shindig at Philipee Park (never been there before. I don't get out much) and it was GORGEOUS there!  Man! our backyard and I had NO idea!  We had barbecue than played a massive kids vs adults kickball game!  Of course, i was a little less than gracefull playing in steel toe workboots, but when you're a ONE pair of footwear kind of guy, you make do!  Izzy, Rozy and Owen played while Logan followed Miranda around as I was in the outfield.  Each one of them clobbered the ball and Izzy was so cute, after she nailed it down the center she just stood, not realizing she had to run.  Of course, when the wee ones were up to bat, the adults gave leniency.  She made it all the way to third before the next runner got the third out.  Rozy and owen did real well too against genuine effort from the adults.  Miranda found her two favorite things to play with; water and the bathrooms!  Don't ask me, it's her fixation!  I'm just thankful she listened when I told her not to grab the urinal cakes!  Y
After the game ended we wandered about and ended up in a far field where a group of LARPERS (live action role playing) were engaged in battle.  Logan was smitten and soon he, Rozy and Owen were doning shields and foam padded swords and engaged in furious combat!  Half way through, izzy and Miranda joined in and showed NO fear at attacking the other team head on!  Izzy actually lead the charge far out front!  I was one proud papa at the battlefront exploits of the Atherton clan!  Shortly onto the second charge an odd guest lumbered out into the field in the guise of a rather large box turtle.  One of the leaders of the other team quickly scoop him (or her) up and delivered it to safety. Quickly miranda and Izzy abandoned the fray in interst of the turtle and slowly followed it around as it munched on grasses.  The look of excitement and wonder on their faces was to die for!  I followed them around quite content to just spectate. The afternoon ended far to soon for all of us but our ride had to go.  But I have assured them next Sunday, we go for the day!  Picnic lunch and all.
Check out some cute pics of our day out below.
On the work front! Managed to get one newbie out, in the way of a solid single speed cruiser created from two.  I forget sometime how EASY single speeds are!  Then we got busy with a bevy of repairs and that comprised the remainder of our day.  Thanks to all for the kind words and continued trust!
Oh, and a special thanks to Joe, our poster guy, and the lucky owner of the 67 Schwinn Two speed kick back We had wasting away in the back room for three years!  There's a rod ride show in Dunedin April 30th and he sent me a flyer via a jpeg file (reproduced below) and will be printing one out for the door!  FINALLY we hear about this show BEFORE it happens!  There is a good chance if you go, you'll get to see me banging about on the clown bike (yea, the twelve foot tall blue one sitting outside the shop!) not to mention the "truck.
So, tomorrow, got more goodies just waiting!  Hope you come join the fun!

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