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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Morning Cup Of Reality!

So, Sunday was, thankfully, a productive day.  It was kind of cool when folks, noticing we were here, double backed and grabbed their rides, hurrying in for some quick "Fix-me-ups"!  Mark even brought in two, one after the other, when he realized just how quickly the first one was done.  Also picked up two nice Bangers in trade, and already processed one out (pic below) that is a pretty nice, lightweight alloy frame, MTB with some "not so bad" components.  Say what you will, but Pacific does put a little more effort into their low end rides.  Also managed to weed through some more stuff from out back, thankfully, and will endeavor to continue today.  No, still didn't get to the Clown Bike, as much as I wanted too, the repairs were too "aplenty" this weekend, and folks wanting to get out and ride ALWAYS come first! 
Had a visit from Uncle Chippie this AM, and in our chit chat, he brought me up to date on his latest novel he's working on, which, given the subject matter, a group of young men in the eighties, rebutting technology, who decide to revert to a more Low-Tech era, the late 50's, as a way of life, brought about the inevitable Whine and Cheese festival over the state of affairs of our now, WHOLLY tech dependent society.  Of course, within that, we Veloist railed on about the total dependency upon motorized transportation prevalent.  One point in particular, the state of every schools parking lot when the kids come and go from school.  Here's my nag!  I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Florida, if you live within a two mile radius of your child's school, no bus transportation is provided, and your child needs to find alternative transportation.  Here's the rub, first, we have, undeniably, a REAL problem with youthful obesity, right?  Not to mention, a real issue with pollution (a hundred or so gas guzzlers idling in one spot for a half an hour?) and on top of that....overweight adults?   And no, I'm not judging!  It's just I've heard enough at school gatherings of Mom's sitting about, pre-festivities, complaining about their weight gain, to be able to make the assertion.  Here's the thing, you are driving your children to school, because they live UNDER two miles from school.  Do you know how long it would take you to ride a bike with your kids, or walk with your kids...two miles?  Walking, about thirty minuets, Bike? ten.  And, too be fair, in a car? Six minuets (but lets not forget, you'll be waiting in line to drop off, about twenty minuets)  Hmmm?  only four extra minuets to ride them there, about a minuet to drop the bike off in the cage, then a hug and a kiss, and you're gone and back home, in less time then waiting to get in and out in your car.  On top of that you've had exercise, and in that scant twenty minuets or so, burned an average of 440 calories! That would sure help little Johnny or Jane burn off the Happy Meal they had for dinner last night (I said, "help", at 600 calories it'll take a couple more miles to burn it ALL off!)   Honestly, I think anyone could plan their day to be able to leave their house ten minuets earlier to get the kiddos to school.
OKAY, preaching over!
Now, I'd best get to work!
See ya soon!'

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  1. Cheer up, Steven- When the oil runs out, we WILL get in shape! (I've already written THAT Book.)