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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Now THATS a Box!!  I'm a prepubescent, immature preteen. So sue me!  But tonight, while cutting through the electricians bay, I stumbled upon a box of parts that made me burst out into a fit of tittering giggles!  Check this out and tell me it doesn't make you revert to middle school snickering...

Right?  RIGHT!?  Now you're wondering where all those years of earned maturity went as well, hunh?  Either someone in their marketing department wasn't thinking....or they were REALLY thinking!
So, stuck in my head!
Today, was another quiet day, but we did send the Schwinn MTB we put together to a new home right quick.  I managed to build up that old school Schwinn MTB into a nice commuter but it took the day to do!
Once I finished, had about five minutes to get the girls and head home.
Tomorrow though...well, got a Gary Fisher in and I hope to have her prepped and out, then it's anyones guess!  For now, gotta cut it short, it's 4.21 am and a full moon is up, sooooo.... Miranda is still up. ..
See ya...later.this....morning?
ONLY $105.00!!!


  1. What, no size indicated on the box. LOL =)

  2. Man, that box gets funnier EVERY time I see it!!!