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Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Good Sunday!

Oh, it's another Monday!  BUT, I can even overlook the irritation of dealing with the annoyance of bank and tax issues after such a wonderful Sunday! 
Once again the youngins and I took off to the grandeur of Philppee Park for the day (well at least for part of it) with picnic lunch, and kites in hand and had a blast!  Oh, of course, it wasn't without it's trials but even those ended up being some fun!  The LARPER's were not there, unfortunately for the older kids, who were looking forward to doing battle once again, but we made it work.  Our first stop was an area of man made rock (if there is such a thing) formations set about for climbing, complete with zip line's.  We all took too it, eagerly, even Miranda did a stupendous job on the smaller ones, and quite apt at the Zip Lines, while Izzy once again showed her physical aptitude for sports by successfully scaling each and every challenge.  Of course, she needed a little help getting down, but after only a few tries working with her on position and footholds she made the next few attempts on her own. 
After breaking for lunch, we meandered towards the water and broke out the kites.  Everyone took a turn and after a couple initial tangles (and trees) they learned not to fly too close together.  Miranda was amazing, as she took to it immediately, keeping hers aloft like a pro!
Once they started getting bored with flying, and began to wander, we packed up to move onto the playground, but not before Rozy and Miranda needed a potty break.  As the bathrooms were right behind us, Rozy lead the way and I turned my attention to picking up and packing up.  After a few minuets, wondering where they were, I sent Owen over to investigate, only to find they were not in the restrooms.  OKAY...brief panic ensued, and Owen and I went in search of them.  Sure enough, after about 90 seconds we found them down by the water.  Well...IN the water!  After the initial combo of relief and anger, I realized just how much thrilled fun they were having and couldn't bring myself to break it up.  Of course, once we alerted the other kids too having found them, they wished to join in the fun.  And, in difference to the "no swimming" sign, figuring as long as they didn't actually "swim" but rather splash and frolic, we were okay.  Luckily, it wasn't cold, as they had no bathing suits, or towels, and any brief complaining they had about being cold and wet once we were done, was quickly squelched once they realized Daddy had a ready made lecture on "You CHOSE to go in there!", and Heaven forbid they need to be subjected to a lecture!
Once I got them cleaned up (and changed one REALLY soggy diaper) we wandered again to the playground.  Here, in an relatively enclosed area, Logan and I could relax and play a couple quick games of Magic to relax.
Yes, a real fine day to say the least! 
Once we got back home, Angi and the older boys had taken the quiet time to redecorate the girls room.  When we did the switch a month or so back, a lot of the "boy" flair was still apparent in the starkness of the room.  Momma went all girlie and fixed it up nice.  Nice enough, that the girls actually slept in their own room and not on the couches last night!  YAY!
So, into today, as mentioned had to do all the Icky "Business Work" this morning, so I'm just now hopping back on the rebuilds, with hopes of putting out a few before I gotta split!
So...with that...see ya soon!

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